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Choosing the right dog bed is a big decision - dog lovers want to make sure they buy a bed that's both good for their dog and themselves. So it's not surprising we get asked a few questions about our dog beds.

Here are the 10 most frequently asked questions about Hindquarters dog beds - and our answers:

Why an oval shaped dog bed? Where does the shape and structure come from?

Dogs love a comfy place of their own to settle down and relax, a bed with a structure and shape that supports all their various sleep positions. In our experience, dogs like to get cosy by curling up in an indentation as they would in the wild. But they also love to stretch right out too. An oval cushion with surrounding bolster helps allows them to snuggle down and supports them when flat on their back. It's the most appropriate shape for a dog to sleep on because it mirror's a dog's body shape when it is lying flat, supporting their joints and bones, and allowing maximum comfort.

Tank making full use of his dog bed:

oval shaped dog bed

Are they soft dog beds?

Yes, our dog beds are soft: they are generously stuffed with virgin polyester fibres which have a high crimp level and so maintain their bounce for longer. The central cushion to the dog bed has pin stitches which compresses the stuffing to make it firmer and keeps it in place. All our dog bed covers are made from thick natural fabrics which give a luxe and soft sleep surface.

Chip stretching out on his soft comfy dog bed:

soft comfy dog bed

My dog is nervous. Is there any noise when a dog gets in the bed? What happens if my dog doesn't like the bed?

There is no noise as your dog gets in and out of their bed or if they shift around. We're pretty certain both you and your dog will love their Hindquarters bed - but if, for any reason, one of you is not happy we accept returns and will refund you. Please see our terms and conditions for more detail.

Chip getting into bed:

getting into dog bed

How and where are your dog beds made?

Our dog beds are hand sewn and hand stuffed in the UK from carefully chosen components. The components are sourced from the UK and Europe, the inner dog beds are then made in Rochdale and the dog bed covers are made in London. Here you can read more detail about how Hindquarters dog beds are made.

Dog beds constructed to maximise comfort:

comfy dog bed for a dachshund

My previous dog beds have disintegrated pretty quickly - how long do Hindquarters dog beds last?

We have multiple dogs and they often play together and muck around on their dog beds, they eat their morning marrow bones on their beds and snooze and lounge and snore the day away. On average dogs sleep 14 hours a day, some spend that time just in their bed, others have sofa and duvet privileges. So the lifespan of a dog bed depends partly on age, character and sleeping arrangements. Our dog beds are designed to take knocks and will last years, with a regular amount of wear and tear. We can't guarantee against determined chewers but we do offer a free repair service on any rips or tears, just send it back and we'll fix and return it. Dogs usually turn around and scratch around quite a bit so you will perhaps need a replacement cover at some point. We sell spare covers here.

Our dog beds get plenty of use:

red dog bed

Do the dog beds smell over time?

Three things are key to making dog beds that don't smell. First, the stuffing we use is made from virgin polyester fibres that don't hold moisture and so there is no bacteria and the stuffing itself never smells. Then the stuffing is encased in a fabric that is both breathable and water resistant and easy to wipe clean - again, avoiding smells. Last, the removable dog bed covers are all made from natural fabrics that are easy to maintain: wash on a gentle cycle at 40 and air dry to keep clean and fresh.

No nasty niffs:

no smell dog bed

Are you going to make a square shape or pillow dog bed at some point?

Probably not. The very first dog beds we made were pillow shaped but the dogs kept slipping off. In our experience, most dogs like to get cosy by curling up in an indentation, as they would in the wild. And they love to stretch out too. We are not sure that pillows or flat mattresses give dogs what they really require. A bolster helps create an indent and enables your dog to get cosy, it also supports their back, neck and head when stretched out. Perhaps pillow dog beds or mattresses are suitable for travel or occasional day use. Our thinking is similar when it comes to square or rectangular dog bed. An oval shape is the most appropriate shape for a dog to sleep on because it mirror's a dog's body shape when lying flat and so allows maximum comfort.

Here is an old snap of the very first dog beds we made, Red and Percy as pups crashed out and slipping off the pillow dog beds we made for them:

pillow dog beds

Are the dog bed sizes exact and do the dog beds squash up a bit?

Yes, the sizes are pretty exact: our S/M dog bed size is 80x70cm, a good dog bed for Jack Russells and similarly sized dogs. The Medium dog bed is 110x77cm and is a good size for Labradors and similar. Our large dog beds are 120x85cm, good for big dogs or those who like to share. They are soft and malleable and can be squashed up a bit into a corner or alcove if necessary.

Percy ready for bed:

black corduroy dog bed

How do I look after my dog bed?

Easy: we shake and hoover our dog beds each day and plump them up a bit. Once a week or so we wash the dog bed covers. Probably once a week in winter when life is muddier and less during summertime. Whilst washing the covers we clean the inner dog bed, usually just with the hoover.

Changing a dog bed cover:

hindquarters dog bed with removable cover

I'm looking for a patterned or floral dog bed. Where do the vintage fabric covers come from?

Alongside our denim dog beds and those with corduroy covers, we make dog beds with vintage fabric covers. We love scouring markets and second hand places, and are fans of reusing and recycling. Sometimes we find good quality classic or interesting vintage fabrics and turn them into dog bed covers. They are usually one-offs so snap them up while you can! If you have your own fabric and would like to turn it into a dog bed, get in touch.

Chip on a bed of roses:

roses floral dog bed