We are Jerry and Alex, and Tank, Tim and Stick.

10 years ago, we started making beds for our dogs. We got the sewing machine out and started to make dog bed prototypes, until they were a snoring success.

Nice comfy dog beds that take rough and tumble and last. We use denim dog beds downstairs and Stuff It Yourself dog beds upstairs.

Then we moved onto collars and leads, and quickly found out it wasn't just us who wanted high quality dog stuff.

Now we make our collection of dog products in small batches, keeping things as local and sustainable as we can; dog collars, harnesses and leads that are comfy to use and wear; comfy dog beds; and dog bowls that look good in the kitchen corner.

This way we can also make martingale collars, long leads, front led harnesses, and other bespoke things, if requested.

Everything we make is tested and approved by our dogs, originally, Percy and Red, then Twig, now Timber, Tank and Stick.