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Dogs love their own space to settle down and snooze the day away. A dog bed is their own personal haven, a place to unwind and recharge after a busy day.

We like things to look nice and be easy. So we designed Hindquarters dog beds not just to be super comfy, but to last and look good over time.

Over the past decade, with pattern cutting and fabrics experience, we have developed Hindquarters dog beds to give not only unparalleled comfort, but to be user friendly and able to withstand the daily rigours of dog life.

large comfy green bed for dog

Hindquarters dog beds are cut, sewn and stuffed locally in south London where we are based, with our multiple dogs. Together, over the years we have pin pointed the key ingredients to making a good dog bed:

- a shape and structure that happily accommodates all your dog's sleeping habits

- built with robustness, durability and longevity in mind

- removable cover made from thick natural fabrics for the ultimate sleep surface

An oval shaped dog bed with a supportive structure gives maximum comfort:

Hindquarters dog beds are a semi-structured oval shape. The dog beds comprise a comfy central cushion and firm surrounding bolster, for your dog to rest up against.

gold velvet dog bed

An oval shaped dog bed with chunky bolster gives maximum comfort. Your dog can comfortably adopt any sleep position. The bolster gives something sturdy and supportive to lean up against when lying flat or stretched out. Or your dog can nestle and curl up with a sense of security.

comfy stylish green dog bed

Our dog beds are oval in shape because it echoes the shape of your dog lying flat. The long curve in the bolster cushion mirrors the curve of your dog's back and will enable them to spread out fully supported. The chunky bolster gives neck, head and chin support as required.

comfy denim bed for boxer

Our dogs are in and out of their dog beds all day. Sometimes a quick nap, sometimes a deep sleep, sometimes they just want to relax and observe. They circle, dig and plonk themselves down.

Dogs shift around in their sleep and adopt different postures when snoozing. Our dog beds get a lot of use and a dog's bed needs to be versatile enough to accommodate any sleep position and enable them to get comfy whatever their mood.

denim comfy dog bed

Designed and constructed with durability and longevity in mind:

Hindquarters dog beds are tough and durable. We make them with attention to detail and from quality materials. They are generously stuffed dog beds and designed to take rough and tumble. The fabrics we use are thick and weighty and unlikely to rip or tear.

Your Hindquarters dog bed will last for years and years, retaining its form, shape and comfort levels.

Cleo on a denim dog bed:

denim dog bed for french bulldog

The inner dog bed is built to last. The casing is made from a technical sportswear fabric which is a soft and malleable but strong and scratch proof. It is a water resistant material that is also breathable. And the inner dog bed is generously stuffed with virgin polyester stuffing to create soft and comfy but firm cushions.

dog bed with comfy bolster

The water resistant properties of the inner dog bed means it is impervious to moisture from a damp dog, discouraging microbial growth and keeping things fresh, healthy and odour free. In case of little accidents, excessive licking, or if your dog is sick on their bed, simply whip off the covers and wash them. You can shake off any excess liquid or wipe clean the inner dog bed.

A dog bed with water resistant properties keeps moisture at bay and makes it simple to manage any little accidents:

waterproof dog bed

Hindquarters dog beds comprise two parts, a central cushion and surrounding bolster.  The middle cushion can be removed and turned, for longevity. Pin stitches in the middle cushion keep the stuffing firm and in place. Inner dog beds should last a lifetime and are recyclable.

An inner dog bed, the bolster and central cushion, encased in a hard wearing and durable sportswear fabric, the middle cushion can be flipped:

inner dog bed with cushion

Hindquarters dog beds are stuffed with virgin polyester fibres. These fibres have good cushioning and insulation properties and they don't attract moisture or bacteria - so our dog beds stay clean and fresh. The polyester fibres have a high crimp level and stay buoyant. This stuffing discourages microbial growth so avoids smells and keeps things clean, fresh and healthy.

The casing for the inner dog bed is a tough material that is soft and comfy but also water resistant, breathable, scratch proof and durable.

Boggle languishing on his denim dog bed using the bolster as a head rest:

denim bed

Under normal circumstances, the inner dog bed won't require machine washing or dry cleaning, just wipe clean if necessary.  When the dog bed is mucky, just the dog bed covers need changing and washing:

tough inner dog bed

Removable dog bed covers made from thick natural fabrics that are machine washable:

Hindquarters dog beds come with removable covers made from natural materials, for the best sleep surface and a good night's sleep. The fabrics we chose for our dog bed covers are soft but strong and made from natural fibres which are comfier and more sustainable.

Travis comfy in his grey corduroy dog bed a sensible choice for Jack Russells and those with predominately white fur:

grey corduroy dog bed

Hindquarters dog bed covers are removable and machine washable. Our dog beds are comprised two parts, a bolster and a central cushion. Both parts have a cover, they can be removed and washed separately.

Dog bed covers are made from a variety of soft-to-the-touch but durable fabrics. Our core fabrics include a heavy duty brushed cotton, thick denim, and machine washable velvet.

Plus we turn vintage finds into unique dog beds:

small brown floral dog bed

When the dog bed is muddy just the dog bed covers need changing and washing. The inner dog bed won't require machine washing or dry cleaning, wipe clean if necessary.

When mucky, remove the dog bed covers, turn them inside out and machine wash at 40°. The dog bed covers are fixed with velcro. No zips or buttons or other hazards. It is best to air dry the dog bed covers, the fabrics are thick so a breezy sunny day is recommended.

With multiple dogs, we hoover our dog beds daily and wash the covers every couple of weeks, depending on the weather and how much mud is around.

Ruby chilling on a grey dog bed:

comfy dog bed

Here are more details about how to change a dog bed cover. Each part of the dog bed has a cover, putting clean covers on a gold velvet dog bed:

velvet dog bed with covers

All our dog bed covers are made from hard wearing fabrics. The materials we use are heavy-duty fabrics and denim is particularly good for its durability and work wear properties. Our denim dog beds are made using a dark blue denim which will fade gently with use and quickly become soft and familiar.

For a luxurious sleep surface we use a thick cotton velvet that  is machine washable to make dog beds with gold velvet covers. The velvet is super soft but durable and straightforward to look after.

Boggle watching the world go by on a velvet dog bed:

velvet bed for small dog

Nonetheless we recognise dogs will be dogs and things can happen so offer a free repair and patch service for life. If your dog chews a part of her dog bed or somehow there is a rip or tear, we are happy to repair the damage for free. Simply post to us and we'll return within the week. We want to increase the lifespan of our dog beds if possible so we'll patch any small chews and mend any rips or should they happen.

Additional or spare dog bed covers are available too.

comfy large green dog bed

Hindquarters dog beds come in five sizes, your dog will lean up against the bolster using it as support and not be restricted by it:

  • XS dog bed size is 70x50cm and best for pups and very small dogs
  • Small dog bed size is 80x70cm and good for Dachshunds, Cockapoos, JRT's, Wheaten Terriers, French Bulldogs and Border Terriers

small comfy denim dog bed

  • Medium dog beds are 100x75cm and good for most Spaniels, Cockapoos, small Staffies and similar sizes

large dog bed for boxer

  • Large size dog beds are 110x80cm and suitable for a regular Lab or a Boxer dog
  • Our XL dog beds are 120x90cm and good for a German Shepherd, Saluki, Greyhound or those who like to share

An Extra Large size dog bed for those who like to share:

extra large dog bed

Please get in touch with any questions. Sleep on it, lounge on it, dream on it.