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Dogs like their own space to settle down and snooze the day away, and we like things to be easy. So we designed a dog bed that ticks both the maximum comfort and minimum effort boxes:

Maximum comfort: Hindquarters dog beds are soft and semi-structured, stuffed to give support in the right places, and have removable covers made from natural materials for a comfy night's sleep.

Minimum hassle: Our dog beds are easy to keep clean and fresh: the loose removable covers are machine washable. We hoover our own dog beds daily and wash the covers every couple of weeks.

Dogs like their own spot to settle down and relax. Sometimes a quick nap, sometimes a deep sleep. Dogs shift around and adopt different positions when snoozing. So Hindquarters dog beds are an oval shape with a low bolster to accommodate all a dog's various sleeping positions, allowing them to stretch out fully or curl into a ball.

Our dog beds are stuffed with virgin polyester fibres which have good cushioning and insulation properties. The fibres don't attract moisture or bacteria so the dog beds stay clean and fresh. The inner dog bed is made from a waterproof breathable fabric, creating a tough, practical but comfy dog bed. Removable washable dog bed covers are made from a range of natural fabrics that are soft and durable. We use thick denim and a heavy weight cotton corduroy. When mucky, remove the dog bed cover and machine wash at 40.

A lengthways split along the base of the dog bed cover is fixed with velcro (no zips, buttons or other hazards) which allows easy removal and replacement:

hindquarters dog bed

It's easy to change a dog bed cover, a bit like changing a duvet cover:

changing a dog bed cover

We use a technical sportswear fabric for the casing of the inner dog bed. It is a lightweight and soft material but also tough and hard-wearing. The inner dog bed is both waterproof and breathable, just wipe clean if necessary. The inner dog bed comprises two elements: a central cushion and a surrounding bolster. They can be separated from each other, making the dog bed easy to vacuum or machine wash - if necessary.

The inner dog bed with cover removed:

hindquarters inner dog bed

Hindquarters dog beds are hand stuffed with virgin polyester fibres that have a high crimp level. Crucially, this stuffing doesn't hold moisture or bacteria and is hypoallergenic. So Hindquarters dog beds don't smell, helping keep things clean and fresh, happy and healthy.

Tank on a large size silver corduroy dog bed we use a thick cotton corduroy that has a soft luxe feel:

silver cord dog bed

All Hindquarters dog beds are lovingly handmade in the UK and appreciated by pups across the world.

Sleep on it, lounge on it, dream on it.