Denim Dog Bed

dog bed with denim cover
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Denim Dog Bed

Snooze the day away on a comfy denim dog bed.

Our dog bed design and construction ensures maximum comfort that lasts. An oval shape with supportive bolster allows your dog to comfortably adopt any sleep position, to curl up in a ball or stretch right out.

The inner dog bed is generously stuffed, tough and durable. Removable dog bed covers are made from a thick indigo denim that will gently fade with use. Just machine wash when muddy.

Lounge on it, sleep on it, dream on it.

Handmade in south London with a free repair service on any rips or tears. VAT and P&P included on UK orders.

Product Details

•soft and comfy semi-structured dog bed comprising two parts: central cushion and bolster, both with removable washable covers

•an oval shape echoes the shape of your dog lying flat and allows them to curl up cosily - or stretch right out with a supportive bolster to rest against

•central cushion and surrounding bolster are generously stuffed with polyester fibres that don't hold moisture or bacteria helping to keep things healthy, fresh and odour-free

•inner dog bed cushions are encased in a technical sportswear fabric which is hardwearing and water resistant

•removable covers are made from a thick, hard-wearing but soft indigo denim that will fade nicely with use

•central cushion removable for easy turning and vacuuming

•machine wash dog bed covers at 40

•XS size is 70x50cm, Small size is 80x70cm, Medium size is 100x75cm, Large dog bed size is 110x80 and XL is 120x90cm

•Hindquarters dog beds are hand stuffed and sewn in the UK with a free repair service on any chews, rips or tears

•read more about How Hindquarters dog beds are made

Shipping & Customs

•UK orders: VAT and P&P are included, 3/5 days delivery
•International orders: Shipping is added at checkout, 7/10 days delivery

Sizing Guide

•XS dog bed size is 70x50cm and best for pups or very small dogs
•SMALL dog bed size is 80x70cm including 15cm bolster and good for Dachshunds, smaller Cockapoos, JRT's, Wheaten Terriers, French Bulldogs and Border Terriers
•MEDIUM is 100x75cm including 15cm bolster and good for most Spaniels, Cockapoos, small Staffies and similar sizes
•LARGE dog bed size is 110x80cm including 20cm bolster and suitable for a regular Lab or Boxer
•EXTRA LARGE dog bed is 120x90cm including 20cm bolster and good for a German Shepherd, Saluki or Greyhound

Hindquarters dog beds are soft but supportive, your dog will lean along the bolster and not be restricted by it.