Stuff It Yourself Denim Dog Bed

stuff it yourself denim dog bed
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Stuff It Yourself Denim Dog Bed

We all know that dogs see the world via their noses. So our Stuff It Yourself dog beds have been designed so that you can stuff them with all your old clothes and bedding.

This way your dog will be laying on a bed that smells of their favourite person in the whole world.

No more stolen socks. No more losing your seat in front of the TV. Less anxiety when you pop to the shops. Your pooch gets to literally be with you all the time.

We provide the dog bed skins made from a thick soft denim that will gently fade with use. You stuff the dog bed with your old bedding and jumpers. They snooze the day away on probably the comfiest dog bed ever.

Product Details

•a dog bed that you stuff yourself : we provide the dog bed skins - and you stuff it with your old pillows, duvets and jumpers

•the dog bed skins come in two parts : a cushion and bolster, the central cushion is removable for easy turning and vacuuming

•an oval shaped dog bed with a raised bolster allows your dog to adopt any sleep position, curl up cosily or stretch out fully supported

•the dog bed skins are made from a soft thick denim

•denim is durable, will fade over time and gives your dog a soft sleep surface

•machine wash dog bed skins at 40

•available in:

•XS small size (70x50cm) which is good for JRT's and Border Terriers

Small size (80x70cm) good for Dachshunds and Frenchies

•Medium size (100x75cm) good for Cockerpoos and Corgis

Large dog bed size (110x80cm) good for Boxers and Labs

•and XL (120x90cm) dog beds for big dogs and those who like to share

•roughly speaking, the Small dog bed requires 4kg of stuffing, the Medium requires 6kg, the Large dog bed requires 9kg, and the XL about 12kg

•large soft items like your old pillows, duvets, sleeping bags, blankets and jumpers will fill a bed most easily and be comfy

•Hindquarters dog beds are made in the UK with a free repair service on any rips or tears

•read more here about how to stuff a Hindquarters Stuff It Yourself dog bed

Shipping & Customs

•UK orders: VAT and P&P are included, 3/5 days delivery
•International orders: Shipping is added at checkout, 5/7 days delivery

Sizing Guide

•EXTRA SMALL dog bed size : 70x50cm (central cushion 40x30cm) : good for JRT's and Border Terriers
•SMALL dog bed size is 80x70cm (central cushion 50x40cm) and good for Dachshunds, Wheaten Terriers, Frenchies
•MEDIUM is 100x75cm (central cushion 60x40cm) and good for most Spaniels, Cockapoos, small Staffies and similar sizes
•LARGE dog bed size is 110x80cm (central cushion 70x45cm) and suitable for a regular Lab or Boxer
•EXTRA LARGE dog bed is 120x90cm (central cushion 80x50cm) and good for a German Shepherd, Saluki or Greyhound