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Our Stuff It Yourself dog beds are designed to be stuffed with all your old clothes and bedding. A sustainable dog bed that helps you recycle old clothes, repurpose your wardrobe, and reduce waste.

Plus, this way your dog gets to be with you all the time. Your dog will be lying on a bed that smells of their favourite person in the whole world.

  1. We provide the dog bed skins made from a thick soft cotton corduroy for the ultimate sleep surface.
  2. You stuff the dog bed with your old bedding and jumpers.
  3. They snooze the day away in ultimate bliss.

Stuff It Yourself dog beds comprise a chunky bolster and central cushion. An oval shape and supportive structure enables all a dog's various sleep positions, ensuring maximum comfort that lasts.

We all know that dogs see the world via their noses. Socks go missing and sometimes it seems there is no better place to lie than on the human's bed. That's why we've made a range of Stuff It Yourself dog beds.

Stuff It Yourself dog beds have been designed so that you can stuff them with your old clothes and bedding:

stuffing for a dog bed

No more stolen socks. No more losing your seat in front of the TV. Less anxiety when you pop to the shops. Your pooch gets to literally be with you all the time.

A dog bed that is sustainable and smells of you:

comfy denim dog bed for large dog

1 - We provide the dog bed skins made from a variety of thick soft natural fabrics.

2 - You stuff it with your old bedding and jumpers.

3 - They snooze the day away on the best dog bed ever.

Ivy in bliss languishing on a small size Stuff It Yourself dog bed:

stuff it yourself dog bed for a cockapoo

Here are instructions on how to to stuff a dog bed yourself:


Our dog bed sizes are generous so bulkier items will fill your dog bed quicker. Jumpers and blankets are ideal, although anything soft will do the trick.

Soft blankets are a good Stuff It Yourself dog bed filler:

how to stuff a dog bed

Here is a rough guide to the volume of stuffing you will require for your Stuff It Yourself dog bed:

XS dog bed size : good for a Jack Russell or Border Terrier : the central cushion will take 4 or 5 jumpers and the bolster a couple of blankets shoved right in to create a firm dog bed to lean against.

SMALL dog bed size : good for a Dachshund or Frenchie : the small bed central cushion takes 8 or 9 jumpers and the bolster takes about 7 blankets so that it stays firm and comfy. About 8 jumpers, cardigans and sweatshirts will fill a small size central cushion.

MEDIUM size : good for Cockapoos and Corgis : a medium sized dog bed will take a stack of old jeans in the bolster and 10 or more jumpers in the central cushion.

LARGE size dog bed : good for Labradors and Boxers : the L size central cushion will take about 15 jumpers or equivilant and old sleeping bags are good for the bolster.

Blankets or old sleeping bags are a good filler for the bolster of a Large dog bed, and a large pile of jumpers and scarves will make a comfy central cushion:

dog bed stuffing old clothes

XL : suitable for big dogs : we suggest large, bulky, soft items to fill a XL dog bed, the bolster will take old pillows and a big bag of old jumpers, scarves and similar would fill the central cushion.


Take time to push the stuffing right to the edges and tightly in.

The cushion has a central pin stitch to help your dog form an indent, as they do from instinct, as they would in the wild. Stuff around the pin stitch.

Shake and plump when full.

Stuffing a denim central cushion with old socks:

stuffing a dog bed with old socks



Shove the first piece of stuffing right down to the opposite end of the dog bed. Pack the next pieces of stuffing in as tightly as possible. Then stuff the bolster from either side.

Stuff the dog bed bolster bit by bit keeping things as firm as possible:

shove the dog bed stuffing in


The bolster forms an oval into which the central cushion is placed:

comfy bed for dog

Simply place the cushion in the bolster and making sure it sits firmly in place:

how to stuff a dog bed yourself

STEP 5 : TO WASH, CHOOSE A SUNNY DAY to disassemble, machine wash skins at 40 and stuffing as appropriate, air dry and reassemble.

We have a range of Stuff It Yourself dog beds available in sizes from XS to XL and a variety of thick soft natural fabrics, for the best sleep surface.

A Large size Stuff It Yourself denim dog bed fully assembled:

stuff it yourself denim dog bed

An oval shaped dog bed with a raised bolster allows your dog to adopt any sleep position, curl up cosily or stretch out fully supported.

The dog bed skins comprise two parts : a cushion and bolster, the central cushion is removable for easy turning and vacuuming. The dog bed skins are made from a selection of soft thick cotton corduroys or a durable Stuff It Yourself denim dog bed which will gently fade with use.

Stuffing a Stuff It Yourself grey dog bed made from thick soft cotton corduroy:

stuff your own dog bed