Black harness

harness for a black lab
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Black harness

A functional durable harness designed to support your dog in all the right places. Made from strong comfy cotton and fully adjustable, suitable for a wide range of dogs including most Terriers including Jack Russells, Corgis, Boxers, Sighthounds and Labradors.

Product Details

•made from cotton that's soft-to-the-touch but strong, durable and washable

•fully adjustable for a perfect fit: medium and large size harnesses have five adjustment points, the small size has four

•the cotton weave is flexible and has 'give' so helps your dog to move freely and comfortably without chaffing

•marine-grade stainless steel metalwork: lightweight, strong and corrosion proof

•over-the-head harness

•just machine wash at 40 when mucky

Shipping & Customs

•UK: VAT and P&P included, 3/5 days delivery
•International: Shipping added, 5/7 days delivery

Sizing Guide

•SIZE S: fits a girth 36cm-46cm (14-18 inches) and lower neck between 26-36cm (10-14 inches) good for a JRT or other Terrier (also available in navy, cobalt or orange)
•SIZE M: fits a girth 40cm-65cm (16-25 inches) and lower neck between 30-45cm (10-18 inches) good for a Corgi or Spaniel
•SIZE L: fits a girth between 65-90cm (25-35 inches) and lower neck between 40-60cm (16-13 inches) good for a Lab or large chested dog