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Travis is a bouncy Terrier so was looking for a good harness for an active dog. Hindquarters harnesses are made from comfy cotton that's strong but soft-to-the-touch. And durable and washable. So he tried a few colours on.

Travis looking regal in purple:

purple harness

Hindquarters harnesses have been designed for maximum comfort and are easy to use. The harness allows free shoulder movement and supports your dog in all the right places - and it is adjustable, for an exact and comfy fit.

Comfort is paramount and so we use a natural and soft cotton weave. Cotton also has flex and give and so moves with your dog's movements and helps avoid chaffing.

A purple harness mix matched with a mustard lead:

harness for a terrier

Travis trying on the puddle blue harness:

harness adjustable

Hindquarters harnesses are fully adjustable and can be adjusted both around the neck and girth, for a perfect fit. We know that dogs come in all shapes and sizes and that there's often a lot of difference in size within breed or type - so just send us your dog's lower neck and girth measurements if you are uncertain or would like your harness made to measure.

Adjusting the harness:

harness comfy for terrier

The metalwork we use is cut from marine grade stainless steel: lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant.

Pretty in a pink harness:

pink cotton harness

The harness design allows free shoulder movement and enable them to walk, run and move without restriction.

Ready to roll:

pink harness terrier

Our harnesses are easy to put on and easy to maintain - just wash at 40.

At Hindquarters we make harnesses that suit all types of dogs, from Terriers to Labs and everything in between. They are available in a range of sizes and colours but if you can't find something that is exactly right, please get in touch and we can always make to order.