Denim dog bed cover

denim dog bed spare cover

Denim dog bed cover

Spare denim dog bed cover, useful for when one is in the wash.

Product Details

•spare or replacement dog bed cover made from thick denim fabric

•with velcro split at the base, no buttons or zips

•machine wash at 40º (denim will gently fade with use)

•handmade in the UK

•UK VAT and P&P included

Shipping & Customs

•UK: VAT and P&P included, 3/5 days delivery
•International: Shipping added, 5/7 days delivery

Sizing Guide

•S/M dog bed covers are 80x70cm and comprise two parts, a main cover and a cover for the central cushion
•Medium covers are 110x77cm
•Large dog bed covers are 125x85cm