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Cleo - an 18 month old Frenchie who is full of character and likes to snooze - tries out some Hindquarters dog beds to work out which bed is best for her.

Dogs like their own spot to settle down and chill. Sometimes a deep sleep, sometimes just a quick nap. They enjoy a dog bed they can retreat to and call their own.

Dogs adopt a whole range of positions when asleep. Frenchies like to both snuggle down and stretch right out and their bed should be versatile enough to accommodate any sleep position.

An oval shape with a firm chunky bolster support a dog's various sleeping positions. The bolster gives comfort and security allowing dogs to nest and snuggle up within their space. The bolster is also used as support, as a chin rest or when lying flat out. Hindquarters dog beds are soft and semi structured and generously stuffed to give firm support.

We make removable covers for the beds in a variety of natural fabrics. A gold cotton velvet dog bed gives a super soft sleep surface and is machine washable.

Cleo in her gold velvet dog bed:

velvet hindquarters dog bed

Moleskin is a similar fabric to velvet but it has a different tighter weave and shorter pile. It is a material that's most commonly used for practical country trousers and appreciated for its comfy but hard-wearing properties.

Cleo in an orange moleskin dog bed:

orange small bed for dog frenchie

We also make dog beds with a weighty cotton corduroy fabric. Corduroy is durable and will take a lot of rough and tumble. The ridges create a super soft sleep surface and also make it easier to hoover or brush mud and hair off.

Cleo in her black corduroy dog bed:

black dog bed for french bulldog

You will want the surface that your dog sleeps on to be clean, soft and comfortable. It needs to be made from natural materials and ideally be durable. And look inviting too.

The denim we use for our dog beds is a thick cotton weave that is soft but strong. It will take daily rigours and machine washing in its stride. Our denim dog beds will fade gently with use.

denim bed for frenchie

 Lounge on it, sleep on it, dream on it.