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Here is Boggle languishing in his small denim dog bed, to demonstrate how comfy Hindquarters dig beds are.

He likes a variety of sleeping positions : to curl up, stretch right out, and rest with his chin on the bolster watching the world go by.

The stuff of dreams, Boggle in his small denim bed:

denim bed for small dog

It's important to think about what shape and structure of dog bed will suit your dog.

An oval shape with central cushion and chunky bolster will allow your dog to adopt various sleep positions and get comfy.

Most dogs have three main sleep positions. They like to curl up cosily protected in a slight indent as they would in the wild. They like to stretch out fully supported. And they like to lounge around watching the world go by.

You will want a dog bed that supports your dog's various favourite sleep positions.

Boggle asleep with one eye open in his denim dog bed:

comfy denim dog bed

You will want the surface that your dog sleeps on to be clean, soft and comfortable.

A dog bed cover should be made from natural materials, be easy to look after and durable. And look inviting too.

The denim we use for our dog beds is a thick cotton weave both soft and strong. It takes the rough and tumble and machine washing in its stride, and will gently fade with use.

Boggle taking a power nap on a small dog bed with denim removable covers.

denim bed

Hindquarters dog beds are an oval shape and echo the shape of a dog lying down. There is a central cushion surrounded by a chunky bolster. Dogs like to rest against the supportive bolster.

Boggle sleeping like a log in his denim bed:

denim bed for dog

We started making dog beds for our own dogs over 10 years ago now. We wanted something with both substance and style, both easy to maintain and easy on the eye. Dog beds with denim removable washable covers fit the bill.

Caught napping, Boggle in his denim bed:

denim dog bed

The dimensions of a small dog bed are 80x70cm with the bolster 15cm wide. Your dog won't be restricted by the bolster but will lie against it and use it stretch out fully supported. The small size dog bed is good for Dachshunds, most Terriers, Frenchies and Border Terriers.

Boggle in bed:

small denim dog bed