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Buying a dog bed is a big decision that can be tricky to get right. You'll want to buy the best bed for your best friend. So we have identified some questions to think about, to help you choose the best bed for your dog.

How will your dog use their bed?

Think about how your dog will use their bed.

A dog bed is not just for sleeping, it is a sanctuary where they can retreat, a place of their own where they can chill and relax. Somewhere for a sound night's sleep but also a place to day nap and recharge the batteries.

Squeak lounging in bed waiting for the doorbell to ring:

comfy bed for cockapoo

One thing is for certain, dogs spend a lot of time in bed. At various times of the day and night and in various states of exhaustion.

A bed plays a central role in a dog's life.

Percy watching the world go by from his bed:

black cord dog bed

Sleep patterns, habits and positions will invariably depend on your dog's routine, age, breed and nature. Dogs sleep through the night of course but most will crash out in the evening too and are experts at an afternoon nap.

In terms of sleep positions, most commonly they lie flat on their side or curled into a cosy ball. Although, like us, dogs shift around in their sleep and adopt a whole array of sleep positions.

Boggle chilling out:

denim bed for small dog

Check which shape and structure of dog bed would suit your dog's sleeping habits best.

Your dog's bed will need to be versatile enough to accommodate a whole range of positions. Ideally something soft but supportive with a bolster to curl up within or rest against.

Chip upside down:

black comfy dog bed

In terms of shape and structure, the important thing is to find your dog a bed that gives a good night's sleep and doesn't restrict them.

Sides to a dog bed will stop your dog slipping off and give a cosy and protected feeling, but you don't want them too high.

Ruby resting her chin on the bolster:

dog bed with chin rest

Dogs like an indent that they can nestle into, as they would in a wild. A dog bed surrounded by low sides helps exclude floor draughts and will make your dog feel cosy and safe, and sleep more comfortably.

You'll also want a structure that supports them whilst asleep, a dog bed that is soft but firm with a bolster gives them something comfy to rest against.

comfortable dog bed

An oval shape echoes the shape of a dog lying on its side and supports their natural sleeping positions.

A bolster gives them something to lie against and can act as a comfy neck or head rest.

An oval shaped dog bed with bolster allows them to settle down and adopt any sleep position comfortably, to curl up cosily or stretch right out, supported in all the right places.

soft comfy dog bed

How easy is the dog bed to look after?

With rainy days, muddy walks and little accidents an inevitability, you will want a dog bed that's easy to look after with minimum fuss.

Hindquarters dog beds come in two parts: a central cushion and a surrounding bolster. Both have removable washable covers fixed with velcro.

This structure enables you to turn the central cushion, brush and hoover the dog bed easily, and wash the covers separately if necessary.

comfy orange dog bed

And you'll want to consider the type of stuffing used in the dog bed. Hindquarters dog beds are stuffed with virgin polyester fibres. Polyester stuffing fibres have a high crimp level meaning they create a firm but soft cushion that will maintain its bounce for longer, making a comfy dog bed that lasts. Also it is a hypoallergenic stuffing that doesn't hold moisture or bacteria and so keeps things fresh and healthy.

velvet bed for small dog

Inner dog bed made from a tecnical sportswear fabric that is tough but soft to the soft and durable:

inner dog bed with cushion

The inner dog bed is scratch proof and water-resistant, good for a bit of rough and tumble and rainy days. Simply wipe clean if necessary.

changing a dog bed cover

An alternative option is a dog bed you can stuff yourself.

We all know that dogs see the world via their noses. So our Stuff It Yourself dog beds are designed to be stuffed with your old clothes and bedding.

This way your dog will be lying on a bed that smells of their favourite person in the whole world.

We provide the dog bed skins. You stuff the bed with your old blankets and jumpers. They snooze the day away in ultimate bliss.

A dog bed stuffed with old blankets:

stuff it yourself denim dog bed

How about dog bed covers?

Removable washable covers are a must. You'll want the surface that your dog sleeps on to be soft, comfy and clean. So it is worth considering a dog bed with covers that can be removed and easily washed.

We think it best to opt for natural fabrics and materials - rather than synthetic - for dog bed covers. It's healthier and nicer to snooze on a surface that's natural, and good to have a dog bed you can both snooze on!

grey corduroy dog bed

We use a variety of natural materials to make Hindquarters dog bed covers, thick upholstery grade fabrics that are easy to brush, vacuum and wash.

Heavy weight corduroy made from a ridged cotton weave, the ridges give the fabric a cosy and soft texture and help make it durable and easy to look after.

We also make dog bed covers from a thick indigo denim that fades nicely with use.

And machine washable velvet - just remove the muddy cover, wash inside out on a gentle cycle at 40, and air dry.

You can have both practicality and looks when to comes to a dog bed : all our dog bed covers give a comfy sleep surface and are machine washable at 40.

blue corduroy dog bed

How durable is the dog bed?

You will want to buy a dog bed that lasts. So it is important to consider the materials used to make the bed and the covers and how the dog bed is constructed. Your dog's bed will need to be hard-wearing and able to take a bit of rough and tumble.

bed for puppy

With Hindquarters dog beds, a casing for the inner dog bed is made from a soft but tough material that is both breathable and water resistant. The inner beds are hand stuffed and sewn in the UK, with a free repair or replacement service on any rips, seam splits or tears.

Our dog bed covers are made from a variety of thick upholstery grade fabrics, a variety of materials that are comfy to snooze the day away on but will also withstand regular machine washing.

comfy dog bed with denim cover

What size bed does my dog need?

In order to get the right size bed for your dog it is best to measure them up. You will need to measure your dog's height and the length of their back from head to tail. It's perhaps best to measure your dog when they are lying down but you can also measure them when they are standing. These measurements will determine what size bed your dog needs. Add a little to your measurements so that your dog will fit comfortably in their bed and be able to stretch right out.

For example, Tank - below - is 70cm head to tail and 60cm tall and so fits a large dog bed. A large size Hindquarters dog bed measures 110cm by 80cm including a 20cm bolster.

comfy green dog bed

Hindquarters dog beds are generously stuffed, firm but soft, and can be squashed up a bit if necessary to fit into an alcove. Our dog beds come in five sizes. Below are the XS, small, medium and large size dog beds.

velvet dog beds

Here are our dog bed dimensions:

The XS dog bed is 70cm by 50cm including the 10cm bolster and best for pups or very small dogs.

The Small size dog bed is 80cm by 70cm and best for Dachshunds, smaller Cockapoos, JRT's, Wheaten Terriers, French Bulldogs and Border Terriers.

Cleo on a small size orange moleskin dog bed:

orange small bed for dog

The Medium size dog bed is 100cm by 75cm including the bolster (about 15cm wide) and good for most Spaniels, Cockapoos, small Staffies and similar sizes.

The Large size dog bed is 110x80cm, including the bolster approximately 20cm wide, and suitable for a regular Lab or Boxer.

The XL dog bed is 120cm by 90cm including the 20cm bolster and best for a German Shepherd, Saluki or Greyhound - or those who like to share.

comfy double dog bed

We have compiled a guide on which size dog bed would be good for your dog by breed, which is illustrated with photos and dimensions.