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Before getting a dog bed it is worth considering what will be a good bed for your dog.

Thinking about your dog's sleeping style and habits, as well as age and size, will make sure you get the best bed for them.

Dogs spend a lot of time asleep so you will want your dog to have a comfy bed. A dog bed that is soft but supportive and enables them to adopt a variety of sleep positions.

Hindquarters dog beds support a variety of sleep positions:

soft comfy dog bed

Dogs like a comfortable bed to spend the night but they also snooze a lot during the day.

Dogs sleep in a whole array of positions. Sometimes they nap, sometimes it is a deep slumber. Sometimes they want to stretch right out, sometimes they curl in a ball. The main dog sleeping positions seem to be : on haunches resting their chin : flat on the side : stretched right out : curled in a ball.

Rupert resting his chin:

comfy bed for spaniel

Sleeping with one eye open, on a black corduroy dog bed:

black corduroy dog bed

To get the right size dog bed it is best to measure your dog from nape of neck to the base of their tail, and from these dimensions you will be able to gauge what size dog bed would be best.

Tank measures 60cm from the base of his tail to the nape of his neck, here snoozing in a Large size dog bed that measures 110cm by 80cm in an oval shape with a 20cm bolster:

comfortable dog bed

Your dog's bed will need to be versatile enough to support them in their favourite sleep positions and accommodate both quick snoozes and deep sleeps. Sometimes they like to curl up, sometimes they like to spread out. Your dog's bed will need to be  a secure place they can settle down and relax. A place they can retreat and call their own.

A firm bolster tightly packed with dense stuffing gives your dog something to lean against and helps him rest up.

oval orange dog bed with bolster

The dog bed design should encourage relaxation and create a restful space. A supportive structure, and appropriate materials, will give the best night's sleep.

The dog bed should be tough and durable, and hard-wearing enough to put up with digging, circling, and years of being plonked down on.

Hindquarters dog beds are comprised of two parts, an oval bolster and a central cushion. The central cushion can be removed for easy cleaning:

velvet dog bed with removable cover

Plus covers made from natural fabrics offer the best sleep surface and can be easily washed and dried.

Changing a dog bed cover:

changing the cover on a dog bed

A Hindquarters gold velvet dog bed made from cotton velvet that can be machine washed:

comfy dog bed with plush covers

As well as comfort and support, washability and durability are key. Your dog's bed will be used a lot and it will get dirty. Sturdy materials that won't snag or rip, protects the stuffing from stains and odours. See how Hindquarters dog beds are made.

Hindquarters inner dog beds are made from a technical sportswear fabric that is both breathable and water resistant, keeping the stuffing dry and clean:

inner dog bed with cushion

You don't want to get a dog bed that you have to hide away. Your dog wants to be part of the family and to sleep amongst you if possible. So think about covers that will suit your home or room. As well as your dog's coat.

Hindquarters make dog beds with a variety of soft but strong removable covers made from natural materials:

comfy bed for a frenchie

Sleeping in pride of place or just off centre, by the arm of the sofa, towards the end of the bed, in the kitchen corner, seem to be favourite spots for a dog to snooze.