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With multiple big dogs we wanted dog beds that would last, take rough and tumble, and stand the test of time.

No one wants to buy a new dog bed every year. Regularly throwing away or recycling dog beds is a waste of resources and will end up being financially wasteful too.

You and your dog will want a bed that is durable and lasts.

All dogs need a clean and comfy place to relax and rest their head. We are happy to share what we thought about and observed when designing and making Hindquarters dog beds. Things you will want to watch for when looking for a dog bed that lasts.

comfortable dog bed

One thing is for certain, dogs spend a lot of time in bed, they sleep a lot and their beds see a lot of other action too.

Our dogs spend long chunks of time in bed snoozing but also just hanging out and mucking around. Alongside being suitable for various stages and levels of sleep, a dog bed needs to accommodate circling, rolling, scratching, digging and dragging.

digging a dog bed

First, think about the shape of their dog bed : what shape and structure would accommodate all your dog's various habits and sleep positions, and stay comfy over its lifetime?

Most dogs like to circle and have somewhere they can nest and snuggle down. A dog's natural settling down process often includes circling and scratching before they plonk themselves down in exactly the right position.

black corduroy dog bed

At the same time, dogs like something they can lean on, a supportive structure they can rest up against. Flat square pillows or mattresses are limited in the amount of support and comfort they will provide. Your dog will like a bed that enables them to get comfy, to both curl up and stretch right out fully supported.

dog sleeping upside down on a dog bed

As well as a dog bed shape and structure to meet your dog's longterm needs, they will need a dog bed that is easy to clean, washes well, and takes regular cleaning in its stride.

Half the year, our dogs come in from outside splattered with mud in varying degrees. So we have a wipe down and wash and dry process for rainy days but invariably - with dog hair, eating bones, being in and out of the garden, drooling, you name it - their dog beds need to be brushed and hoovered daily. And regularly washed.

Chewing a stick in bed:

durable dog bed

When working out the construction of Hindquarters dog beds we wanted our dogs to be supportive and comfy, and their beds to be durable and easy to manage. We wanted to make dog beds that are straightforward to look after and simple to keep clean, fresh and healthy. Busy modern life means things need to be easy to maintain and easy to live with.

Mrs P : 'We absolutely love your dog beds - as do the lads - and they are excellent when it comes to cleaning and changing the covers.'

Every now and then there is a little accident or a sick scenario and you'll need to be able to whip the dog bed covers off, wash and dry them, and put them back on fresh in 24 hours. Dog beds that can be easily managed, with washable removable covers are a necessity. Covers that put up with regular use, can be easily taken off, slung in the wash machine on a low gentle cycle.

Changing a dog bed cover:

changing the cover on a dog bed

Thick weighty covers made from durable fabrics give the best longterm functionality. Natural fabrics are the comfiest to lounge on, and they can be washed and dried regularly.

A denim dog bed which will fade gently with use:

denim dog bed with bolster

Similarly you'll be looking for a sturdy inner dog bed that maintains its form and structure over time. A generously stuffed dog bed that can be plumped and turned, as a human's mattress, will last longer. A well stuffed cushion won't thin and a chunky firm bolster can be leaned against for years.

Crashed out with the help of a bolster:

oval orange dog bed with bolster

A gold velvet dog bed, the covers are removable and washable, and the central cushion can be removed and turned for longevity and to aid cleaning:

velvet dog bed with removable cover

An inner dog bed comprising a chunky bolster and central cushion. The stuffing firmly encased in a technical sportswear fabric that is both breathable and water resistant:

inner dog bed with cushion

If it is to last, a dog bed needs to be made from durable hard-wearing materials, with properties that help keep things clean, fresh, healthy and odour free.

Ideally materials will be breathable and water resistant, materials that don't hold moisture so that bacteria that usually cause smells aren't able to establish themselves.

We make our inner dog beds from a technical sportswear fabric that is water resistant, breathable and scratch proof. Accidents and spills can be easily managed and don't cause ongoing odour issues.

Hindquarters dog beds are made from strong materials and fabrics and designed to last. We recognise that dogs will be dogs so also offer a free repair service on any rips or chews should they happen. For a good night's sleep for years to come.

double dog bed