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With multiple big dogs we wanted comfy dog beds that would last, take rough and tumble, and stand the test of time.

No one wants to buy a new dog bed every year. Regularly throwing away or recycling dog beds is a waste of resources and ends up being financially imprudent too.

You and your dog will want a bed that is durable and lasts, a dog bed that maintains its shape, structure and comfort levels over time.

One thing is for certain, dogs spend a lot of time in bed, they sleep a lot and their beds see a lot of other action too. Our dogs spend long chunks of time in bed snoozing but also just hanging out and mucking around.

A dog's natural settling down process often includes circling and scratching before they plonk themselves down in exactly the right position. All dogs need a clean and comfy place to relax and rest their head.

comfortable dog bed

Alongside accommodating various sleep positions and stages of sleep, a dog bed will need to tolerate some rough and tumble.

large comfy bed for dog

The inner dog bed is built to last. The casing is made from a technical sportswear fabric that is soft but strong and rip proof. It is waterproof and also breathable. The inner dog bed is generously stuffed with virgin polyester stuffing to create soft and comfy - but firm - cushions.

Inner dog beds in Large, Medium and small sizes:

inner dog beds small medium large

The water repelling nature of the inner dog beds means they are impervious to moisture from a damp dog, discouraging microbial growth and keeping things fresh healthy and odour free. A dog bed with water resistant properties makes it simple to manage any little accidents, keeps moisture at bay, and helps create durable dog beds that last.

water resistant dog bed

Hindquarters dog beds comprise a central cushion and surrounding bolster. The middle cushion can be removed and flipped, for longevity. Pin stitches in the middle cushion keep the stuffing firm and in place. Inner dog beds should last a lifetime and are recyclable.

inner dog bed with cushion

When designing and making Hindquarters dog beds we wanted a comfy dog bed to suit all shapes and sizes, young and old. We wanted a dog bed that would stay comfy over a lifetime.

dog bed for senior dog

When lying flat, dogs like something they can lean on, a supportive structure to rest up against. So Hindquarters dog beds are an oval shape with chunky bolster. They are generously stuffed and will retain comfort levels, enabling them to get comfy in whatever position they want, to both curl up and stretch right out fully supported.

dog sleeping upside down on a dog bed

Half the year our dogs come in from outside damp or wet or splattered with mud. We have a wipe down and dry process for the dogs but invariably, with dog hair, being in and out of the garden, eating bones and drooling, their beds need daily maintenance and to be regularly washed.

Chewing a stick in bed:

durable dog bed

Mrs P : 'We absolutely love your dog beds - as do the lads - and they are excellent when it comes to cleaning and changing the covers.'

Hindquarters dog beds come with removable washable covers made from natural materials. The fabrics we choose for our covers are soft but strong. Both part of the dog bed, the bolster and the central cushion, have a cover, they can be removed and washed separately.

Changing a dog bed cover:

changing the cover on a dog bed

A denim dog bed will fade gently with use:

denim dog bed with bolster

All our dog bed covers are made from hard wearing fabrics. The materials we use are heavy duty fabrics and denim is particularly good for its durability and work wear appeal. Hindquarters denim dog beds are made using a dark blue denim which will fade gently with use and quickly become soft and familiar.

For a luxe sleep surface we use a weighty cotton velvet that is machine washable to make gold velvet dog beds. The velvet is very soft but durable and straightforward to look after.

velvet dog bed with removable cover

Hindquarters dog beds are made from strong materials and fabrics and designed to last. But dogs will be dogs and things can happen so we offer a free patch repair service on any chews should they happen.

double dog bed