Arlo the Patterdale

Arlo the Patterdale

Arlo - a Patterdale Terrier - snoozing in his Stuff It Yourself dog bed.

Ms B: We just finished stuffing Arlo's Stuff It Yourself bed and wanted to share the result with you. He seems super happy and it was a great way of resusing all our moving blankets, kids clothes and old dog bed covers. Thanks for creating such a great product.

Hindquarters Stuff It Yourself beds have been designed so you can stuff them with your old clothes and bedding.

We all know that dogs have an incredible sense of smell. Ours certainly see large parts of the world via their noses. Sometimes it seems there is no better place to lie than the laundry. And sometimes our socks go missing.

No more stolen socks. No more losing your seat in front of the TV. Less anxiety when you pop to the shops. Your pooch literally gets to be with you the whole time.

Here are instructions on how to stuff a dog bed yourself and here is Arlo snoozing away in the end result.

arlo the patterdale
Stuff It Yourself