Pewter dog bowls

pewter dog bowls
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Pewter dog bowls

Pewter dog bowls are a sturdy and elegant choice that look good in the kitchen corner. Crafted the traditional way in Sheffield the traditional home of pewter.

Product Details

•traditionally crafted pewter dog bowl

•made from 100% pewter

•a volcano shaped dog bowl that sits solidly and is deep enough to avoid spills

•heavy enough to stay put and not shuffle around

•pewter is a soft metal that takes knocks and will tarnish with age and develop a patina

•lead free: both food and water safe

•wash in warm soapy water

•handmade in the UK

•UK VAT and P&P included

Shipping & Customs

•UK: VAT and P&P included, 2/3 days delivery
•International: Shipping added, 5/7 days delivery

Sizing Guide

•small: 23cm base diameter
•medium: 27cm base diameter
•large: 31cm base diameter