Who are Hindquarters?
We are Alex and Jerry - and our dogs: Percy, Red, Twig, Tank and Timber. We live in a house where pups outnumber people so know what makes tails wag. We spend a lot of time in Brockwell Park, south London. We design quality products for dogs. And then work with small UK based factories and workshops to make our dog beds and covers, our collars and leads, and the bowls.

How did the idea to make dog beds first come about?
When Red and Percy arrived we found it impossible to find exactly the right dog beds for them. We wanted dog beds that suited both them and us: comfy, supportive, durable, easy to clean. One weekend Alex got the sewing machine out and knocked up a couple of simple dog beds. The dogs loved them. Encouraged - and after deeper research into materials and close observation of our dogs' sleeping habits - the first proper dog bed was made

What is front of mind when making Hindquarters dog products?
That we make tails wag. We love it that our dogs jump into their dog beds after a long muddy walk, eat a bone and sleep soundly. But it is also important that humans love our products too: we want to see our dogs healthy and happy, and we like things that are easy to clean and maintain. Plus we appreciate things that look good - and last. In our multi pup household, things need to stand the test of time, the rough and tumble. And we just love receiving feedback from happy customers.