Slim puddle blue lead

blue combo for dog
blue combo for dog slim blue dog lead slim blue dog lead with steel blue lead for dachshund

Slim puddle blue lead

An ideal dog lead for walks and adventures. Blue cotton weave: strong but soft and comfy to hold and use. With marine grade steel clip. Machine wash when muddy.

Product Details

•slimline blue dog lead made with cotton weave: strong but soft-to-the-touch with flex and give, for maximum comfort

•marine grade stainless steel clip

•everything treble stitched in place to make a durable and reliable dog lead

•machine wash at 40º

•2.5cm wide and 1.25m long

•handmade in the UK

•UK: VAT and P&P included

Shipping & Customs

UK: VAT and P&P included, 3 days
International: Shipping added, 5/7 days

Sizing Guide

This dog lead is 2.5cm wide and 1.25m long, please let us know if you'd like longer/shorter