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We all know that dogs see the world via their noses. So our Stuff It Yourself dog beds are designed o be stuffed with your old clothes and bedding.

This way your dog will be lying on a bed that smells of their favourite person in the whole world.

We provide the dog bed skins. You stuff the bed with your old blankets and jumpers. They snooze the day away in ultimate bliss.

Here is how to stuff a Hindquarters Stuff It Yourself bed:

Start by gathering together a large pile of old clothes and bedding. This orange dog bed is Medium size and will take about 6kg of stuffing. Blankets, jumpers, old sleeping bags, pillows and other soft bulky items will fill the dog bed quickly.

Shove the stuffing into the bolster. Fill firmly and pack the stuffing right to the end.

stuffing a dog bed

The stuffed bolster part of the dog bed will start to resemble a do-nut shape.

Next step: stuff the central cushion.

suffing a dog bed with old clothes

Stuff around the pin stitch that is in the middle of the central cushion.

The pin stitch will help keep the stuffing in place and helps your dog form an indent in their dog bed as they would in the wild.

stuff a dog bed yourself

 The stuffing gaps are closed with strong velcro, no zips or buttons.

stuff a dog bed

The central cushion fits neatly into the bolster part of the dog bed to form an oval shaped dog bed with comfy headrest.

stuffed dog bed

This bed is an almost fully stuffed Stuff It Yourself Orange Moleskin Dog Bed in Medium size.

Hindquarters Stuff It Yourself dog beds are available in a range of fabrics and sizes. og beds come in XS (70x60cm), Small (80x70cm), Medium (100x75cm), Large (110x80cm) and XL (120x90cm) dog bed sizes.

No more stolen socks. No more losing your seat in front of the TV. Less anxiety when you pop to the shops.

Your pooch literally gets to be with you all the time.