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Here we join Squeek in bed. Squeek's bed is medium size and he has the green corduroy covers. We use a weighty cord with thick ridges which are useful for regulating heat and helping to keep things clean:

comfy bed for cockapoo

Dogs like their own space to settle down and snooze the day away. Reclaim the sofa with a comfy dog bed:

dog bed

Hindquarters dog beds are soft and semi-structured, stuffed to give support in the right places, and have removable covers made from natural materials for a comfy night's sleep. We use a heavy weight cotton corduroy fabric with ridges that give a soft velvety texture for a cosy sleep surface.

comfy dog bed

Hindquarters dog beds are designed for maximum comfort and minimum effort.

Dogs like their own spot to settle down and relax, sometimes a quick nap, sometimes a deep sleep. They shift around in their sleep and adopt different positions when snoozing. So Hindquarters dog beds are made in an oval shape - with a chunky bolster - to accommodate all a dog's various sleeping positions.

And our dog beds are easy to keep clean and fresh: the loose removable covers are machine washable. 

Lounge on it, sleep on it, dream on it.

hindquarters dog bed