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Rupert tries out some Hindquarters dog beds with different removable covers to help decide which works best for him.

Rupert is a big cocker spaniel and takes a Medium size dog bed. He has energy and is busy but loves to snooze.

Dogs need their own spot to settle down and relax, sometimes a quick nap, sometimes a deep sleep. They shift around in their sleep and adopt different positions when snoozing.

So Hindquarters dog beds are made in an oval shape - with a chunky bolster - to accommodate all a dog's various sleeping positions. The bolster gives them something the rest against and rest their chin.

Hindquarters dog beds are generously stuffed, soft and semi-structured to give support in the right places.

Removable covers made from natural materials for a comfy night's sleep. And Hindquarters dog beds are easy to keep clean and fresh: the loose removable covers are machine washable. 

Rupert with his golden cocker spaniel coat suits the gold velvet dog bed. We also use a heavy weight cotton corduroy fabric with chunky ridges that give a similar soft velvety texture for a cosy sleep surface. Plus the ridges make it easy to brush or vacuum hair and dried mud off.

Rupert rests his head on a moss green corduroy dog bed.

comfy bed for spaniel

Rupert likes a variety of sleeping positions, he likes to curl up, stretch out, and rest his chin watching the world go by.

It's important to think about what shape and structure of dog bed will suit your dog.

Most dogs have three core sleep positions: they like to curl up cosy in a slight indent, or stretch out fully supported, or lounge around with one eye open.

You will want the surface that your dog sleeps on to be clean, soft and comfortable. It needs to be made from natural materials and to be durable. And look inviting too.

The denim we use for our dog beds is a thick cotton weave that is soft but strong and takes the rigours of daily life and machine washing in its stride. Our denim dog bed covers will fade gently with use.

The stuff of dreams, Rupert in his denim bed:

denim dog bed spaniel

You will want a dog bed that both supports your dog's various favourite sleep positions and gives a cosy sleep surface.

Moleskin is a tightly woven heavy cotton fabric with a short pile that gives a super-soft feel, for the ultimate sleep surface.

dog bed for spaniel

Our orange moleskin dog beds introduce a pop of colour and suit dogs brown and tan coats. The removable dog bed covers are made from orange cotton moleskin which is thick, durable and machine washable at 40°.

changing a dog bed cover

Hindquarters gold velvet dog beds are also super soft. We use a thick cotton velvet that is machine washable. This colour goes particularly well together with Rupert's coat, combining looks and practicality.

Lounge on it, sleep on it, dream on it.

good dog bed for cocker spaniel