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Gus demonstrates how different Hindquarters colourways work on a black lab, starting with a classic black on black:

good collar for a black lab

Hindquarters collars and leads are made from comfy cotton, strong but soft with flex and give. Boy in blue:

blue dog collar and lead

Ready for my close up, Hindquarters collars are adjustable for a perfect fit and fasten with a simple and secure slot-and-lock buckle:

comfy blue dog collar

Green around the gills, the cotton weave is strong but comfy, soft with flex and give:

green cotton dog collar

A` l'orange, everything a treble stitched by hand:

orange dog lead

Power to the purple. All our cotton dog collars and leads are machine washable at 40º:

purple dog collar

Roll out the red carpet with a collar and lead combo:

red collar and lead

Hindquarters dog collars and leads are available in a range of sizes and colours. Designed to tick all boxes, they combine looks and practicality. The cotton weave is strong and durable, but soft and comfy to wear with flex and give. The metalwork is marine-grade stainless steel - so even suitable for those who like a sea swim. Just machine wash when mucky.