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Bison - a gorgeous black lab - shows off his black adjustable harness:

harness for black lab

Bison demonstrates how his harness works, over the head, fastened each side, with the dog lead secured at the nape of the neck:

comfy harness for a lab

Here, Bison shows how the harness goes between the front legs, leaving free shoulder movement. Made with comfy cotton, strong but soft with flex and give - and washable:

harness for a labrador

Bison stepping out in his harness:

comfy cotton harness for a lab

Our harnesses are designed to support your dog in all the right places, allow full shoulder movement, and give good control. For maximum comfort we use cotton webbing which is soft-to-the-touch with flex and give.

Natural materials also avoid chaffing, and are kinder to the environment. As well as being comfy, cotton is strong and durable. The metalwork is made from marine grade steel - lightweight, reliable and even sea proof.

Available in a range of sizes and colours, Hindquarters harnesses are easy to use and look after, just machine wash at 40 when mucky.