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Barry - a lurcher type - models his khaki adjustable harness. The harness fits over the head, fastens either side at the girth, allows free shoulder movement, and is fully adjustable for a perfect fit.

adjustable harness for a lurcher type

A Hindquarters harness will support your dog in all the right places: the lead is attached at the nape of the neck and any pressure is borne by the chest, gently discouraging pulling:

harness for a lurcher type

Made from 100% cotton webbing Hindquarters harnesses are strong, durable and washable. And also soft-to-the-touch with flex and 'give'. The combination of a snug fit and soft flexible materials means Hindquarters harnesses are comfy to wear and help avoid chaffing:

comfy harness that allows dog to run

Hindquarters harnesses have been designed for maximum comfort and are simple to use. They are available in a number of sizes and a range of colours. Barry wears the L size adjustable harness in khaki.