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Angel - a Saluki - tries on a few different collar and lead colourways to work out which suits her best.

Hindquarters collars and leads are adjustable for a perfect fit and made from a soft but strong cotton weave that has flex and give, good for dogs with small heads and long necks.

Come on the blues:

blue combo for a dog

Power to the purple:

purple dog collar for a saluki

Grey matter:

comfy grey collar and lead

Doing a collar up, we have developed a unique slot-and-lock buckle that's both easy and safe:

orange collar for a saluki

Made from comfy cotton, strong but soft-to-the-touch and washable, and treble stitched:

mix and match

Cutting it in a mustard collar and lead combo:

mustard collar and lead

In the end, Angel opted for a blue dog collar and lead:

blue collar and lead