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Labs are large and lovable and invariably a big part of the family, and their dog beds tend to be a prominent part of the home.

So you will want a dog bed that is perfect for your Labrador, and good for you. A dog bed that looks good and is easy to maintain.

Finding your Lab a dog bed that is not just cosy and comfy, but also looks nice too and is built to last, can be a challenge.

A good dog bed will be your dog's go-to spot to seek sanctuary and relaxation. It will help them recharge for the next day of fun and be and look inviting too.

Ruby relaxing on a black cord dog bed made from a weighty cotton corduroy:

dog bed for black lab

To make sure you don't have to buy a new dog bed every year, it is worth considering a dog bed that is designed with longevity in mind.

First and foremost will be the suitability of the dog bed for your Lab in terms of shape and size, but you will also want to consider the design, materials, the construction.

comfy bed for black lab

In terms of dog bed shape and structure, the important thing is to find your Lab a bed that doesn't restrict them and allows them to comfortably adopt any sleep position they want.

They will probably most comfortably suit a Hindquarters Large dog bed size, although Ruby is a small Lab and fits a Medium size.

And you'll want a shape and structure that supports them whilst asleep. An oval shape echoes the shape of a dog lying flat, and they like to rest against a supportive bolster. Or use it as a chin rest to watch the world go by.

grey corduroy dog bed

The materials a dog bed is made from will influence its comfort level, how easy it is to maintain and its longevity. 

Your Lab will prefer a soft sleep surface made from natural materials. Thick cotton fabric is comfy to lie on, and can handle the rough and tumble of daily life and machine washing.

Corduroy is notoriously comfy plus the chunky ridges make it an easy fabric to brush or hoover clean, even when it comes to slobber and mud.

Another advantage of corduroy is that it is warm in winter and cooler in summer, the ridges help trap heat when it is cold and help circulate air when it is warm.

Materials play a role in durability so we use thick weighty fabrics and reinforced stitching that will keep Hindquarters dog beds going for years to come.

Another durabiilty feature is a water-resistant lining on the inner dog bed. Made from the technical sportswear fabric that's both water-resistant and breathable, this lining will keep the inside of the dog bed fresh.

Hindquarters dog beds are generously stuffed with virgin polyester fibres which don't hold moisture or bacteria - so no smells.

black dog bed

The central cushion is removable which means it can be regularly turned and the bed easily hoovered. The middle cushion is generously stuffed and the stuffing is secured in place with pin stitches meaning it won't clump, thin or flatten.

A large size dog bed with washable denim covers and a removable central cushion:

large denim dog bed

It's good idea to get a dog bed with a removable washable cover. Labradors are known for their adventurous nature and will often bring dirt, moisture and a variety of other things to bed with them.

A removable washable cover helps keep things fresh, clean and healthy.

dog bed with washable covers

Various Labrador builds may require different sized dog beds. Our Large dog beds will suit most Labs although a slight Lab like Ruby, shown languishing in these photos, fits comfortably in a Medium size dog bed.

The best way to double check which size dog bed is right for your Lab is to measure them when they are lying down, both curled up and lying flat, to get an accurate picture of how much space they take up and need in order to be comfortable.

large orange dog bed

Your dog's bed will need enough room for them to spread out. Labs love to stretch out after a long day and it's important to provide your dog with all the space they need to get comfortable.

orange velvet dog bed

Labradors grow up fast and whilst it might be tempting to get them a smaller bed whilst they are a puppy, they will grow out of it quickly. It is a good idea to opt for a Medium or Large size dog bed even if you have a young dog.

Hindquarters Medium sized dog beds are suitable for slight Labs and are 100cm by 75cm including a 20cm bolster which they will rest up against.

Our Large dog beds are 110cm by 80cm including the 20cm bolster. A dog bed in an ovel shape with chunky bolster allows your dog to adopt any sleep position, to curl up cosily or stretch out fully supported.

If you have two dogs who like to snuggle together or if you like to curl up with your dog then it'd be sensible to consider a XL dog bed.

Percy - half a Lab - on a Large size Hindquarters dog bed with a green corduroy cover:

large bed for dog 110x80

Hindquarters dog beds come in a range of colours. Darker colours will work best for black and brown Labs and lighter colours for yellow Labs.

comfy dog bed

Lounge on it, dream on it, sleep on it.