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Who doesn't love a bit of denim?

Maybe it's the comfy feel that appeals or perhaps it's the tough workwear practicality. Whichever, it's no surprise that everyone seems to have their favourite pair of denim jeans.

Now your best friend can join the pack - and have their very own denim dog bed.

Hindquarters denim dog beds are a comfy, classic place to hang out and snooze the day away.

denim bed for small dog

The denim we use for our dog beds is a heavy-weight rugged natural cotton twill dyed indigo. It is prewashed to eliminate shrinkage and will gently fade over time. Denim will positively enjoy the thrills and spills and even improve with age.

Super practical and easy to keep things clean and healthy. Just remove the cover, wash at 40 and then air dry.

Designed to accommodate a dog's various sleeping habits and positions, these denim dog beds are handmade in the UK and built to be tough and durable. The inner dog bed is waterproof and breathable so wipes clean and the stuffing keeps fresh.

A perfect way to bring this humble but faithful fabric into the home.

As well as soft denim removable covers, the shape and structure of a Hindquarters dog bed makes them a comfy place for your dog to hang out.

denim bed for small dog

Dogs love a soft and comfy place to settle down and spend the day, a bed with a structure and shape that supports their various sleeping positions. In our experience, most dogs like to get cosy by curling up into an indentation as they would in the wild.

But they love to stretch right out too. A curved bolster helps them get cosy and supports them when stretched out. The bolster gives your dog a comfy support to rest their back against. Or rest their chin on.

denim dog bed with bolster

An oval shape is the most appropriate shape for a dog to sleep on because it mirrors the shape of a dog's body shape when it is lying flat, supporting their joints and bones, and allowing maximum comfort.

denim bed for dog

A dog bed with washable covers is easy to maintain. Denim is a tough work wear materials that washes well.

Denim has traditionally been used for durable outdoor work clothing and is a strong and durable fabric because of the weave, called a twill weave. Twill weaves have a greater resistance to abrasion meaning the material will absorb a lot of friction before it breaks apart.

When muddy, just remove the dog bed covers and sling in the machine on a gentle cycle on a low temperature then air dry.

washable denim dog bed covers

Hindquarters dog bed covers are also made from a variety of thick upholstery grade fabrics that are easy to brush and vacuum. As well as denim we use cotton corduroy and other natural fabrics.

The dog bed covers come in two parts: the bolster has a cover and the central cushion has a cover too. This enables you to turn the central cushion and wash the covers separately if necessary.

comfy dog bed with denim removable cover

Denim removable covers help make a durable dog bed. You will want a dog bed that lasts and it is important to consider the materials used to make the dog bed and the covers and how they are constructed.

Denim is a strong and durable fabric but the inner core of the dog bed needs to be hard wearing too.

comfy denim dog bed for a cockapoo

Nothing much gets past a determined chewer but your dog bed will need to take a bit of rough and tumble. Denim covers take rough and tumble in their stride, and with Hindquarters dog beds the inner dog bed casing is made from a soft but tough, scratch-proof material that is both breathable and water resistant.

Our dog beds are hand stuffed with virgin polyester fibres and sewn in the UK with a free repair or replacement service on any rips, seam splits or tears. It is a hypoallergenic stuffing that doesn't hold moisture or bacteria and so keeps things fresh healthy and happy.

These stuffing fibres have a high crimp level meaning they create a soft but firm cushion that maintains its bounce for longer making a comfy dog bed that lasts. Teamed with denim removable covers, this results in a comfy durable dog bed that's easy to look after with minimum fuss.

durable denim dog bed

We started making Hindquarters dog beds over 10 years ago now. We wanted a dog bed with both substance and style, both easy to maintain and easy on the eye so we built what we now consider the ultimate dog bed.

Over the years we've kept the basic shape and structure but evolved the design and materials we use. Denim covers have always been a part of that offering.

The lastest version of our dog bed now comes in 4 sizes with a fatter bolster. The inner dog bed is a central cushion and bolster covered in a soft but hard wearing material which is also breathable and water resistant. Just hoover or wipe clean.

Hindquarters dog beds are generously stuffed but soft and can be squashed up a bit to fit into an alcove if necessary, here are our dog bed dimensions:

- XS dog bed is 70x50cm including the 10cm bolster

- Small denim dog bed size is 80x70cm, including the 15cm bolster, and good for Dachshunds, JRT's. Wheaten Terriers, French Bulldogs and Border Terriers. Your dog will lie against the supportive bolster and not be restricted by it.

A small denim dog bed on an armchair to help illustrate its size and dimensions:

small size denim dog bed

- Medium is 100x75cm (central cushion 60x40cm) and a good dog bed for most Spaniels, Cockapoos, small Staffies and similar sizes.

medium size denim dog bed

- Large denim dog bed size is 110x80cm, including the 20cm bolster, and suitable for a regular Lab or Boxer. Your dog will rest his back against the soft but supportive bolster and not be restricted by it.

Tank, a Boxer, snoozing on a Large denim dog bed that is 3 years old and been washed roughly 30 times:

old denim dog bed

- Extra large dog bed is 120x90cm (central cushion 80x50cm) and good for a German Shepherd, Saluki or Greyhound

 In summary denim has the following advantages making it the ideal fabric for dog bed covers:

- denim is a strong fabric and so suitable for a dog bed that is going to take a bit of rough and tumble

- the way denim is woven means that it is a durable fabric which will last even after regular washing

- the weave and regular washing creates a soft and textured sleep surface, made from natural fibres of course

- denim is simple to to clean, when muddy remove the denim dog bed covers and wash in a washing machine on a gentle cycle at 40 and air dry

- denim is easy to match with loads of styles, works with everything and looks good in any scenario

comfy denim dog bed

Lounge on it, sleep on it, dream on it.