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Hindquarters Stuff It Yourself dog beds have been designed so that you can stuff them with all your old clothes and bedding. This way your dog will be laying on a bed that smells of their favourite person in the whole world.

We provide the dog bed skins made from a variety of thick soft natural fabrics, like this green cotton corduroy.

You stuff the bed with your old jumpers and blankets.

They snooze the day away on probably the comfiest dog bed ever.

dog bed stuffed with old clothes

We all know that dogs have an incredible sense of smell. They experience the world via their noses. Sometimes it seems there is no better place to lie than on the laundry. And sometimes socks go missing.

That's why we made a range of Stuff It Yourself dog beds. Your pooch literally gets to be with you the whole time.

Our Stuff It Yourself dog beds comprise two parts : a cushion and surrounding bolster in an oval shape. The central cushion fits into the bolster.

dog bed bolster

An oval dog bed shape echoes the shape of your dog lying flat and the bolster acts as a comfy headrest.

They can adopt any sleep position comfortably, curl into a ball or stretch right out fully supported.

dog bed stuffed with old clothes

Here is how to stuff a dog bed:

1 - Collect soft bulky items to stuff in the dog bed

Things like old jumpers and blankets will be comfy for your dog to lie on. Larger items are good because they take up space and will make the bed easier to stuff.

Old bedding or sleeping bags are ideal to stuff into the bolster.

stuffing a dog bed

Our dog bed sizes are generous and you will need a lot of stuffing for the bed.

This is a Medium sized dog bed and has three sleeping bags and two blanket in the bolster section. Discarded sleeping bags, pillows and duvets are ideal to stuff into the bolster part of the dog bed.

stuff a dog bed with blankets

Roughly speaking, the Small dog bed requires 4kg of stuffing, the Medium requires 6kg, the Large dog bed requires 9kg, and the XL about 12kg.

We gathered together a large bag of old woolen jumpers and scarfs to stuff into the central cushion.

stuff it yourself dog bed cushion

2 - Stuff the dog bed

Push the stuffing tightly in in order to get a firm finish.

When stuffing the bolster part of the dog bed, shove the stuffing right to the bottom.

how to stuff a dog bed

Stuff items around the pin stitch on the central cushion which helps create an indent.

hindquarters stuff it dog bed

The opening to get the stuffing in is fixed closed with velcro.

stuff it yourself bed for dog

3 - Put the two parts of the dog bed together

Shove the central cushion into the bolster and the dog bed is ready to use.

dog bed stuffed with old blankets

The removable central cushion makes it easy to turn and vacuum.

dog bed cushion stuffed with old clothes

The dog bed skins are made from a soft and weighty cotton corduroy in a variety of colours. The Moss Green Corduroy Stuff It Yourself Dog bed is shown here. The stuffing apertures are fixed together with velcro.

stuff your own dog bed fixed with velcro

Chunky ridges on the corduroy have a number of benefits; they give a soft velvety texture; they make the bed easier to brush, vacuum, wash and dry; and they help regulate heat keeping things cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

dog bed stuffed

Cotton corduroy gives your dog a soft and cosy sleep surface.

Hindquarters Stuff It Yourself dog beds are available in XS (70x60cm), Small (80x70cm), Medium (100x75cm), Large (110x80cm) and XL (120x90cm) dog bed sizes.

Lounge on it, sleep on it, dream on it.