16 . 03 . 19



Not long ago we said a sad peaceful goodbye to Red who was such an inspiration behind many things including our little business. He was the dog - along with Percy - who got us into making dog beds, then collars and leads, then the rest. He was the dog that got us to adopt a natural approach to feeding and well-being.

We took the decision to say goodbye a few days before he turned 12 and although terribly sad we also feel a sense of gratitude that we knew and grew with him and are content in the knowledge his spirit will live on.

Here are some of our favourite pics of Red, our gentle giant:

(Above : Alex and Red, he liked to get involved in the conversation and wouldn't hesitate to share his opinion)

In go faster stripes on a part-time modelling job:

boxer in stripes


dog at dawn

The time he thought he saw someone he knew:

dog on beach

A water babe at hear he loved to swim and splash:

dog splashing

Keeping an eye on the comings and goings:

red boxer dog

As a pup, crashed out on the second dog bed we made : more than a simple pillow, version 2 had a hollow allowing him to nestle down and get comfy:

puppy asleep

Red in red:

red dog collar and lead

Thank you.