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Each Hindquarters dog collar comes with a tag which we can personalise for you, at no extra cost.

dog ag engraving

Or you can buy a Hindquarters dog tag by itself on which - if you'd like - we will engrave your requested details. Please get in touch and let us know what you'd like on your dog tag.

personalised engraved dog tag

We make our dog tags from marine grade steel because it is harder and resistant to corrosion and rust. Using premium steel for our dog tags - and of course our dog collars and leads - means we are able to go to the beach and swim in the sea without qualms.

dog collars for sea swimming

Our dog tags are 30mm in diameter and 2mm thick and supplied with a split ring so that they can be attached to a dog collar. The dog tags are attached to the dog collar on the D ring where the dog lead is also connected.

green dog collar

We can personalise your dog tag so that it contains whatever information you want.

personalised steel dog tag

Including a mobile phone number gives the best possible chance of being reunited quickly should your dog go missing.

engraved dog tag ID

External stimuli are outside of our control and who knows when your dog might get spooked or get too focused on chasing a squirrel so it is sensible to make sure you have an identifying dog tag on their collar.

engraved dog tag

We hand engrave the dog tags with the personal information that you provide at no extra cost.

All Hindquarters dog collars come with a tag so let us know by email the details you'd like engraved and we'll sort that for you. We will match up your name and order number and personalise your tag.

Please get in touch and let us know what you'd like on your dog tag.

personalised dog tags