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Geography teachers got it right: everything you've heard about corduroy is true. It's super comfy, wears well and looks great even when crumpled.

Corduroy deserves its nice and sensible reputation. Smart but ultra cosy and casual - and easy to maintain - there is reason why cord is never out of fashion.

Percy on his black corduory dog bed:

comfy black corduroy dog bed

The secret is in the ridges. We use a heavy weight 8 wale corduroy for Hindquarters dog beds.

Chunky ridges give a soft velvety feel whilst at the same time make the fabric tough and hardwearing. Corduory takes scratching and rough and tumble well and helps makes a durable dog bed.

The ridges also help regulate heat, trapping warmth in winter and enabling air to circulate when hot.

Plus corduroy is easy to maintain. It machine washes well at 40 on a gentle cycle. Between washes, hair or dried drool can be easily brushed or hoovered off.

Twig on her green corduroy dog bed:

green cord dog bed

Made from 100% cotton for a natural sleep surface, Hindquarters corduroy dog beds are available in a range of sizes and colours.

Chip fast asleep on his small size corduroy dog bed:

grey cosy dog bed

Hindquarters dog beds are available in various sizes:

•EXTRA SMALL dog bed size is 70x50cm and best for pups and very small dogs

•SMALL dog bed size is 80x70cm and good for Dachshunds, Cockapoos, JRT's, Wheaten Terriers, French Bulldogs and Border Terriers

Cleo on a Small size midnight black corduroy dog bed:

black dog bed for small dog

•MEDIUM is 100x75cm and good for most Spaniels, Cockapoos, small Staffies and similar sizes

Rupert a Spaniel languishing on a Medium sized corduroy dog bed:

dog bed for a spaniel

•LARGE dog bed size is 110x80cm and suitable for a regular Lab or Boxer

•EXTRA LARGE dog bed is 120x90cm and good for a German Shepherd, Saluki or Greyhound

An Extra Large dog bed, good for big dogs or those who like to share:

extra large dog bed

The corduroy covers are put on the inner dog bed, the central cushion and surrounding bolster.

green corduroy dog bed

 Creating a comfy dog bed that will last and is easy to look after.

grey dog bed