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We have playful dogs who need strong and comfy collars they can happily muck around in. They have few needs but like to be comfortable and free to bounce around. We wanted the same, an exact and comfy fit for our dogs. But also a safe and reliable collar that would perform everyday in all conditions and be easy for us to use and maintain. So we made our own. Here they are and here's how we do it:

washable comfy dog collars

The right materials are key, we use strong but soft cotton weave teamed with marine-grade steel metalwork.

The cotton weave is tough, durable and washable but also gentle. Soft-to-the-touch with flex and 'give' the cotton weave has a slim profile and spreads with movement, making them good collars for active dogs:

active dogs

Natural fibres have texture, are kinder and non abrasive, a tight weave gives strength and durability, but the collar retains a soft feel allowing free movement and maximum comfort for your dog be they youthful and bouncing around or a senior dog looking to chill in comfort:

collar for a senior dog

The marine-grade steel we use is lightweight, strong and corrosion-proof. I's the type of steel used on yacht fittings, for reliability and to withstand the sea and salt air. We like to go to the beach every now and then, our dogs love running on sand and paddling, as a consequence our dog collars are sea-swim proof. After a dip, just rinse in clean water:

dogs enjoying the beach

Alongside durable materials, we take a robust approach to how our dog collars are constructed: the steel metalwork is treble-stitched into place, by hand in the UK, using strengthened thread:

handmade dog collars

The most distinctive feature of a Hindquarters dog collar is the buckle. we wanted a buckle that fastened simply and securely and Hindquarters collars are quick and easy to put on. A bit like the fastening on an old airplane seatbelt. Hold the larger piece of metalwork still and slot the smaller piece through. The smaller piece of metalwork then locks securely into place:

hindquarters dog collars

An adjustable dog collar ensures a perfect fit whether your dog is large, medium or small, and good for growing pups too:

red collar for a dachshund

Ready to go, just add a tag - all Hindquarters dog collars come with an ID tag which we can hand engrave if you'd like:

dog collars

When muddy, just sling in the washing machine (put the collar in a sock or draw string bag to stop it banging around in your washing machine drum):

washable dog collar

Not just functional, the resulting collars combine both looks and practicality. Something every dog should have in their wardrobe, our collars are handcrafted to be pragmatic with a focus on style. Some like to match their dog collar with a lead, some like to mix and match colours, with a starkly contrasting colour for the most impactful look:

bright dog collars