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A good dog collar needs a bit of decision making.

The best collar for your dog requires thought about what your dog will want from a collar. They will need a comfy collar that is safe, reliable and durable. A dog's collar will go through a lot of use over time.

Practically speaking, a collar should be quick and easy to put on, and easy to look after. It's a bonus when the collar looks smart and suits your style and your dog's vibe.

Pablo in his khakis:

khaki dog collar for bedlington

First, measure your dog's neck so you know what size collar to buy. Also to keep a record, it is useful to track how quickly your dog is growing or help guage any weight changes.

A collar should always sit naturally on your dog's neck and there should be room enough to slip a couple of fingers between their fur and the collar. Also consider the collar width and so the amount of pressure that will be exerted on your dog's neck when they pull, be careful with thin collars.

hindquarters mustard dog collar and lead

For a perfect fit, the right dog collar should be adjustable, and have plenty of room for adjustment.

An adjustable dog collar gives an exact and comfy fit. It's good to get things exactly right for your dog and being able to make incremental adjustments is particularly useful for puppies and adolescent dogs. It's best to avoid a collar that might end up being too loose or too tight. It is important to note that a prong buckle with holes typically gives your dog 4 or 5 spaced holes for particular sizes usually 1cm apart.

Hindquarters dog collars fasten with a safe and simple slot-and-lock buckle. These buckles are easy to do up and won't come undone.

Doing a Hindquarters dog collar up:

doing a dog collar up

In terms of materials, the best collar for your dog will be something both soft and tough. We use a strong cotton weave that's soft to the touch with flex and give. A strong and tight cotton weave is thick but soft. A soft but strong texture gives no chance of chaffing or rubbing away fur. Nylon and collars similarly constructed from hard plastics will rub.

Making a khaki dog collar with thick cotton weave:

making a collar

With our dogs, we look for maximum comfort on both pavement and long walks. Street walks are on lead and there are sudden smells and cats and consequent jerks, so making a soft but strong dog collar with give and flexibility made sense.

strong green dog collar

On longer walks they run off lead, so non abrasive materials and a perfect fit are a must.

Alongside thick tough fabrics, a good dog collar will have sturdy metal fittings. Different metals have different attributes, we use marine grade stainless steel metalwork for Hindquarters dog collars because it is strong and corrosion-proof. It is the metalwork that is used on yachts to withstand high pressure and perform in tough environments. Hindquarters dog collars are rust resistant and so even good for beach trips.

Marine grade stainless steel performs well and won't jam or corrode in contact with salt water:

dogs on the beach

Ideally a dog collar should be suitable for everyday use, all weathers and adventures. Dogs somehow find the muddiest puddles so it is useful to get a dog collar that you can machine wash when mucky. And that dries quickly before the next walk. When choosing a dog collars, practicality is a priority and you should consider what's the best way to clean the collar. Even if your dog hasn't been on a muddy walk or spent the day swimming in the sea, the collar will eventually absorb enough sin oils, dirt and grime to warrant a thorough clean.

It is helpful to have a dog collar that can be slung in the washing machine:

green dog collar washable

Putting your phone number on a tag attached to their collar is important. If you and your dog ever get parted, having a mobile number on their collar will speed their return. A dog tag is included with each Hindquarters dog collar, please let us know if you'd like details hand engraved.

engraved dog ID tag

In terms of sizing, Hindquarters dog collars are available in 5 sizes and come in 2 widths.

The XS collar measures 25 to 30cm or 10 to 12 inches and 2.5cm wide, suitable for Yorkshire Terriers, mini Dachshunds, Italian Greyhounds.

Our Small size dog collars are suitable for dogs with necks between 30 and 40cm or 12 to 16 inches. The Small size collar is 2.5cm wide and there is also a Small Wide dog collar that is 3cm wide. Our Small dog collar is good for JRTs, Boston Terriers, Westies, Cockapoos.

Our Small Wide dog collar measures 30-40cm or 12-16 inches and is 3cm wide, for Whippets and other sighthounds.

Medium measures 35 to 50cm or 14 to 20 inches and is 3cm wide, recommended for Springer Spaniels, Labradoodles, small Labs, Vizsla, Beagles.

Our Large dog collars fit dogs with necks between 40 and 60cm or 16-24 inches, they are 3cm wide and good for Labradors, Boxers, Retrievers, and other big dogs. XL dog collars are available on request.

Puddle blue dog collars from XS to L size:

blue dog collars uk