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Check out our dog lovers gift selection for the very best in unique handmade pieces from Hindquarters. These gift ideas will get you started on the hunt for that perfect present for the dog - or dog lover - in your life.

Each item we've chosen is unique and special, but practical too. Dog lovers will understand the need for practical dog stuff - and things that are durable and long-lasting. These are gifts for dogs and dog lovers that will last well beyond Christmas or a birthday celebration.

First up is our pewter dog bowl. If you're going to put a water bowl on your lovely kitchen floor forevermore, then it might as well be a bowl that looks fantastic - and whose looks improve with age. Our pewter dog bowls are spun in Sheffield, the traditional home of pewter, and are both food and water safe. They are sturdy and stay put, they take knocks and bangs developing a history and patina over time.

Lap up a pewter dog bowl:

nice dog water bowl

Or how about a crazily cosy orange velvet dog bed? Hindquarters dog beds are designed and constructed for maximum comfort - an oval shaped central cushion is surrounded by a generously stuffed bolster. And, for ease, both these elements have removable covers. These covers are made from soft cosy velvet. We use a specially chosen cotton velvet that is not only thick and durable but machine washable as well. When mucky, just sling in the wash machine on a gentle cycle and air dry. Our velvet dog beds are currently available in either orange or raspberry red velvet - in our Small dog bed size which is 80x65cm. Our small dog beds are good for Frenchies, most Terriers and smaller Spaniels. If you'd like something bigger we have larger dog bed sizes here and lots of cover choices - all in thick natural fabrics of course.

Comfy nights in with a velvet dog bed:

small orange velvet dog bed

There's nothing like a new outfit to put a spring in your step. So how about a new collar and lead as a gift for both you and your best friend? Hindquarters collars and leads come in a rainbow of colours to mix or match. You will want your dog's collar and lead to combine looks and practicality, and be comfy. Making collars and leads from the right materials is key - they need to be strong, reliable and durable - but nice to wear and comfortable too. We made the decision to manufacture our own collars and leads to our own spec because quite simply we could not buy a good comfy collar or lead in the shops.

All Hindquarters leads and collars are made from a cotton weave. Natural materials and fabrics are best for a whole host of reasons, not least because cotton fabric weave is soft to hold and comfy to wear. Plus there are loads of colours to choose from and 5 sizes covering all bases from XS to Large dog collars, which fit necks up to 66cm. Hindquarters dog collars are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit and you can cross reference our handy dog collar breed size guide. If you don't get you gift exactly spot on in terms of colour or size then we are always happy to swap, refund or exchange.

Soft but strong dog collars and leads:

red dog lead

Or how about a harness for your loved one? Hindquarters harnesses have been designed for maximum comfort and are easy to use. The harness supports your dog in all the right places - and is adjustable, for an exact and comfy fit. Comfort is paramount and so we use a natural and soft cotton weave. Cotton also has flex and give and so moves with you dog's movements and helps avoid chaffing. Hindquarters harnesses are made from a cotton weave that is both strong and soft, for a functional, practical, comfortable solution. They are adjustable harnesses and available in small, medium or large harness sizes - or made to measure if you'd like, just get in touch if you'd like something special for your best friend.

Stepping out in a purple harness:

comfy purple harness