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We started by making leather dog collars. They were bridle leather with traditional brass buckles and very nice but didn't meet all our needs (call us fussy). Water was an issue, post downpour or swim in the sea they had to be dried out and required special care which with multiple dogs became a bore. The standard single prong buckle meant the fit was never exact and sometimes a collar slipped over a head. The leather stretched a bit and the holes grew over time so the prong would slip under pressure.

That's why we developed Hindquarters dog collars with a slot-and-lock buckle mechanism. Launched mid 2015, we've been delighted by the feedback - see our happy customers - and our own dogs love theirs.

We appreciate that they're a bit different and so we gathered answers to questions we're sometimes asked. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about our slot-and-lock dog collars:

What was the focus when designing the collars?

Happy dogs. We have playful dogs who need strong and comfy collars they can happily muck around in. They have few needs but like to be comfortable and free to bounce around.

First we wanted an exact and comfy fit for our dogs. And a soft comfy feel. But also a safe, strong, reliable collars that would perform every day in all conditions and be easy for us to use and maintain.

Basically we wanted the collars to be all-rounders. With comfort and fit paramount we set a number of other criteria. The design had to be functional and practical. It's really important for us to be able to sling things in the wash machine when muddy. Plus we wanted something more than just functional, something easy on the eye. A simple design, both smart and casual.

soft strong collars

Above: Tim, Twig and Tank

How did you come up with the slot-and-lock idea?

Inspired by old parachute buckles, we worked with a company who produce yacht fittings to make and test the metalwork pieces. Regular collars just didn't work for us or our dogs. Those with a single prong buckle were either too tight or a bit loose. When playing one of our dogs would love pulling on the flap, that can be annoying when the collar concerned comes undone and falls off. So we decide to make a safe and simple collar that was easy to do up and undo - but wouldn't come undone by itself.

slot and lock dog collars

Above: a l'orange

How do the collars fasten?

Very simply. Hold the larger piece still and slot the smaller piece through. The smaller piece of metalwork then locks into place:

doing up a hindquarters dog collar

Above: doing up an orange collar

How do you adjust the size?

There is a slide adjuster that can be adjusted for an ideal fit whether your dog is large, medium or small size. Useful for young pups and adolescents who are still growing because the collar can be adjusted for a perfect fit on a weekly or even daily basis.

purple dog collar for saluki

Above: Angel wears a purple collar adjusted to a perfect fit

Do you use them?

Yes we do! Every day. Twig is currently on a purple collar. Tim wears the puddle blue and `Tank wears sky blue. 

small blue dog collar

Above: a small size puddle blue dog collar

What are the dog collars made from?

The right materials are key, we use strong but soft cotton weave teamed with marine-grade steel.

The cotton weave is tough and durable but also gentle. Soft-to-the-touch with flex and give. The weave has a slim profile and spreads very slightly with movement making them good collars for active dogs.

collar for active dog

Above: Scout wears his green collar

Natural fibres have a softer texture. They are kinder and non abrasive. And the tight weave gives the collars strength and durability. But the collar has a soft feel and allows free movement which gives maximum comfort for your dog be they youthful and bouncing around or a senior dog looking to chill in comfort.

The marine-grade steel we use is lightweight, strong and corrosion-proof. It's the type of steel used on yacht fittings for reliability and to with stand the sea and salt air. We like to go to the beach every now and then. Like most, our dogs love running on sand and paddling. After a dip, rinse thoroughly in clean water.

beach dogs

Above: sur le plage

In terms of construction, everything is treble stitched in place, making them super sturdy dog collars.

What are the dimensions?

You can check various breeds on our neck size guide. Extra small dog collars are 18-30 cm and small size 25-40 cm perfect for Jack Russells, Westies, Border Terriers, Cockapoos, Poodles or Dachshunds.

red collar for a dachshund

Above: Chip wears his small size red dog collar

Medium collars are 35-50 cm are good for Springers, small Labs, Corgis and larger terriers. Percy wears a medium size.

khaki dog collar

Above: Percy putting on his medium size khakis

Large size is 45-66 cm and a good option if you want a strong but soft dog collar.

collar for a senior dog

Above: Red wearing a large orange collar

I can't see exactly what I want - can you help?

Just get in touch. Each colour is produced in small batches as a limited edition and sometimes colour aren't available but we can make to size and will do what we can to help.

Is the dog tag engraved for free?

Yes - each collar comes with a tag which we can hand engrave if you'd like. Just email us the details you want on the tag.

dog tag engraved microchipped

Any washing instructions?

Yes. Sling in the washing machine on a short cycle at 40º. Tie the collar in an old sock or draw string bag to stop it banging around in your drum.

washable fabric dog collar

Mix or match?

The eternal question. Not purely functional, Hindquarters collars combine practicality and looks. Something every dog should have in their wardrobe, designed to be pragmatic with a focus on style. Some like to match their dog collar and lead, others like to mix and match. Go for a starkly contrasting colour for the most impactful look.

orange lead for a dog