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Ever wanted a dog bed that fits perfectly into your home? Ever wanted a dog bed that matches your sofa? Now you can create a bed for your dog that slots neatly into your own home and style by making your own dog bed cover with Hindquarters.

The process is straightforward:

  • you send us the material that you would like to use for your dog's bed (we're always happy to advise on fabric choices)
  • we cut, sew and make the material into a unique dog bed cover
  • when your cover is ready (it takes about a week) we supply it along with a comfy durable inner Hindquarters dog bed
  • bingo : you've captured your own style with a tailor-made bed for you and your dog

This small size dog bed is covered in Franz Josef fabric which was a remnant left over from an interiors project, the dog bed fabric mix matches nicely with the cushion covers:

make your own dog bed

Ruby enjoying her new dog bed:

comfy dog bed for whippet

Do you have some nice fabric lying around? Are you wondering how you might use it? Looking to fix a style solution for you and your dog?

The nitty gritty:

How much fabric do I need to supply? The quantity of material required differs according to size of dog bed. For a small dog bed we will need approximately 2m of fabric. For a medium size dog bed, approx 2.5m. For a large dog bed we need approximately 3.5m and an extra large dog bed about 5m but the exact length of material required depends on the width of the fabric. So, please get in touch and check details with us first.

Making a dog bed:

making a dog bed

What type of fabric works best? We recommend thick fabrics made from natural materials like cotton. In terms of thickness, we usually use material that is a weight of 275gsm or above. In otherwords, the type of material used for upholstery or curtain projects, rather than dress fabrics. Natural materials like cotton are best, they provide the comfiest sleep surface and can be machine washed. Also, as well as considering what colours and patterns will work best in your home, consider what works best for your dog: you might want to opt for colours or prints will best hide the odd muddy paw print.

Travis languishing on a dog bed with tropical fruits printed on a dark background, the pattern. White or light coloured fur shows up on a dark background but a pattern hides a multitude of sins:

floral dog bed

What's the price? For the time being we are offering this service for the same price as a regular dog bed.

What's next? Just drop us a line. We'll double check with you the quantity and suitability of material. And we'll go from there.

Hindquarters dog beds are lovingly handmade in the UK.

floral dog bed