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Choosing a good dog lead is important - it is a physical connection between you and your dog when out and about - and there are a number of things you will want to consider.

Here we run through 4 things to think about before buying a dog lead.

Walking the dog should be relaxing and fun so you will want a comfortable dog lead that is robust and easy to look after. Of course, it also needs to function well and be a practical dog lead.

Here's what to look out for when buying a dog lead:


You will want your dog's lead to be comfy and a dog lead made from the right material is key.

We made the decision to manufacture our own collars and leads to our own spec because quite simply we could not buy a good comfy collar or lead in the shops. All Hindquarters leads and collars are made from a comfortable cotton weave. Natural materials and fabrics are best for a whole host of reasons, not least because cotton fabric dog leads are soft to hold.

Comfy orange dog lead:

orange dog lead

The cotton weave we use is strong too. And - with a reinforced core - durable. Not much gets past a determined chewer, but our dog leads stand up well to a battering from our own dogs:

durable dog leads

As well as comfort, you should be looking for a functional dog lead that's made from practical materials.

Not just soft-to-the-touch, the cotton weave we use also has flex and give and so the dog lead helps absorb the shock of any sudden pulls.

Practically, Hindquarters dog leads are machine washable: put in a string bag or knotted sock on a gentle cycle at 40 and hang to dry. Also on a practical note, Hindquarters dog leads wrap up to no larger than a tennis ball and easily fit into a small bag or pocket.

The clip:

A sturdy clip on your dog lead is crucial. We decided to make the clips for our dog leads from marine grade stainless steel because it is strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant. This clip won't rust and is suitable for beach trips and salty dogs.

Collars and leads for dogs who like to visit the beach:

beach dogs

A clip needs to be safe and reliable - and easy to clip off or clip onto a dog collar. Our clips are designed to attach to a collar in a single simple action - and stay fastened. Plus our leads have a 360° swivel at the clip end which prevents the dog lead from twisting up.

A safe simple clip with swivel:

red dog lead


Size or length of dog lead is important too; some prefer it short, others prefer a long dog lead. We make our dog leads in a range of colours and to a standard 125cm length which seems to work for both small and large dogs. If you'd like a long lead or a short lead then just get in touch : we are happy to make dog leads to a specific length, for no extra.

Making a long dog lead:

making a long dog lead

We also have two widths available - 3cm and 2.5cm wide - in most of our coloured dog leads. Black dog leads, grey, ink, red, puddle blue, green, khaki and plum purple are all available in both widths. As always, if you don't see what you want or something is marked unavailable then please contact us.


Lastly, you will want your dog lead to look good when about and about - and when hanging on a peg in your home. Hindquarters dog leads combine looks and practicality and are available in a rainbow of colour choices to finish your look.

Paint the town red with a red dog collar and lead set:

red dog collar and lead set