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There are few things nicer than running your hands through some thick dark curls. Invariably glossy, a dark coat easy to choose a collar for. The only decision is whether to complement your dog's black or go for a contrast.

Whichever way, lots of different coloured dog collars look good on a black coat and you'll be spoiled for choice.

dog collars

A large number of dog breeds have black or some black in their coats. A proportion of Poodles and Labradoodles and other mixes, including our Percy, Russians and Scotties, and black Labs of course.

Option One is to work with the black or dark brown hues in your dog's coat and match them with their dog collar.

For an uncomplicated classic look, match the intensity of a strong black coat with an equally strong black dog collar teamed with stainless steel metalwork.

black cotton dog collar

A black dog collar perfectly complements a black coat.

A khaki dog collar starts to introduce another colour but picks up and complements some of the brown and earthy tones in your dog's dark coat keeping things mellow.

A mustard dog collar takes a step further, a more contrasting colour that still has muted earthy tones.

comfy dog collars

On the other hand, an orange dog collar is a total contrast.

durable washable dog collars

Another classic pop of colour is red on black. Roll out the red carpet with a red dog collar.

red collar for black dog

Paint the town red with a red dog lead and collar.

red dog lead and collar

It is easy to put almost any colour against a black coat. Green is a popular dog collar for a black Lab.

lab green dog collar

Blue on black is another winning combo. Berry teams a black dog collar with a navy dog lead.

navy blue dog lead

Or a more pastel blue, boys in blue dog collar and lead combo.

blue dog lead

All Hindquarters dog collars are sturdy and machine washable at 40. Our collars are made from cotton weave and are suitable for every day use. The cotton weave is strong with flex and 'give' for ultimate comfort and functionality.

They combine both looks and practicality. Dog collars handcrafted to be pragmatic with a focus on style; when muddy just sling in the washing machine.

We reimagined the standard dog collar from materials to design, including our revolutionary slot-and-lock closure system that is safe and easy to use. The most distinctive feature of a Hindquarters collar is the buckle. We wanted a buckle that fastened simply and securely. Hindquarters dog collars are quick and easy to put on, a bit like fastening an old style airplane seat belt - hold the larger piece of metalwork still and slot the smaller piece through. The smaller piece of metalwork then locks securely in place.

orange collar for dogs

The marine grade steel we use is lightweight, strong and corrosion-proof. It's the type of steel used on yacht fittings, for reliability and to withstand the seas and salt air.

Natural fibres are kinder and non abrasive, a tight weave gives strength and durability but the collar retains a soft feel allowing free movement and maximum comfort for your dog, be they youthful and bouncing around or a senior dog looking to relax in comfort.

Alongside durable materials, we take a robust approach to how our dog collars are constructed: the steel metalwork is treble stitched into place, by hand in the UK, using strengthened thread.

orange dog collar

Just add a tag - all Hindquarters dog collars come with an ID tag which we can hand engrave if you'd like.

Hindquarters dog collars are available in sizes from XS to Large. XS dog collars fit necks between 18 and 30cm or 7-12 inches. Small collars fit 25-40cm or 10-16 inches. Medium between 35-50cm. And Large dog collars are 42-66cm.