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We appreciate that deciding on the best bed for a large dog can be daunting. You are making a big decision on behalf of your best friend and you want to get it right. You want a perfect dog bed that suits both your dog and your home.

soft corduroy dog bed

You'll want to make sure that your dog is comfy and supported. And make sure that your own requirements - in terms of practicality, durability and value - are met.

A comfortable bed is fundamental if you want to reclaim the sofa. Or your own bed. You will want a bed that your dog enjoys, that they can use as a sanctuary and retreat to in order to snooze the day away.

comfy green dog bed

Key is determining a comfy dog bed is shape and structure, particularly when it comes to large dog beds. Dogs adopt loads of different sleep positions which usually vary according to level of tiredness and time of day. There are probably three main sleep positions or stages of sleep: curled up in a ball, flat on their side, or stretched right out. And every position in between.

hindquarters dog bed

Dogs tend to sleep stretched out on their side or back when they are most relaxed and in a deep sleep. So a large dog bed needs to not only allow space for a dog to spread out but also to support the spine, neck and head when it lies in this way. Large dogs in particular can find it difficult to fully extend on a pillow or mattress without rolling off and require a structure that offers them support. And dogs like to have a space they can call their own.

grey dog bed

In terms of practicality and durability, our dog beds come with removable covers in thick strong natural fabrics that can be machine washed. The inner dog bed is sensible too: we use a high quality stuffing of virgin polyester encased in a scratch-proof fabric that is both water resistant and breathable. The beds are generously stuffed ensuring continued comfort when the cushions are compressed. Both these elements help practically and the stuffing fibres also help keep things fresh by not holding moisture or bacteria and thereby minimising odours.

dog bed

Hindquarters large size dog beds measure 110x80cm in an oval shape. The circular bolster is roughly 20cm wide and used as a support and head rest or as a barrier to draughts.

large dog bed

Hindquarters dog beds come in four sizes. Our XL dog beds measure 120x90cm and are good for German Shepherds, Greyhounds, Saluki and other dogs with long backs or long legs. Or those who like to share.

extra large dog bed