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10 reasons to get a Hindquarters dog bed

10 reasons to get a Hindquarters dog bed

Our dogs nap whenever they get a chance. They are expert sleepers. They have no trouble settling down in the evening into a deep slumber. They are very happy with and in their dog beds.

Over the years our dogs have been crucial in the evolution and development of Hindquarters dog beds. Observing their habits and how they like to get down and comfy has influenced how our dog beds are designed and constructed.

So using their help we've distilled things down to 10 reasons to get a Hindquarters dog bed:

1. They are the best shape for a dog bed : the oval echoes the shape of a dog lying flat and the chunky bolster gives them something supportive to rest up against.

comfy orange dog bed

2. Always a cosy sleep surface : all Hindquarters dog bed covers are made from natural materials sustainably sourced. They are heavy weight fabrics, sometimes with a short pile like the gold velvet dog bed or the orange moleskin dog bed for extra cosiness.

velvet bed for small dog

3. They are super comfy dog beds : the shape and structure accommodates all sleep positions. A Hindquarters dog bed allows your dog to comfortably adopt any sleep position fully supported. They can lie flat on their side or curl up like a shrimp or stretch right out upside down.

good bed for a spaniel

4. They're easy to look after : these are low maintenance dog beds, the central cushion can be turned and it is easy to change the covers when needed. It is sensible to get a practical dog bed with removable washable covers that you can quickly change and wash and replace if needs be.

changing the cover on a dog bed

5. They are durable dog beds : your Hindquarters dog bed will last years and years. And maintain shape and comfort levels over time. If something does happen then we offer a free repair service for any rips or chews that may occur.

6. It is a no smell dog bed : here at Hindquarters we take a healthy approach to making dog beds. The inner dog bed repels moisture and wont develop the bacteria which causes smells. The outer dog bed covers are made from thick natural fabrics that are easily hoovered and machine washed.

water proof dog bed

7. They look nice : Hindquarters dog beds are made from quality furnishing grade fabrics that are easy to look after and maintain. They keep their shape and looks over time and look good in the kitchen corner, at the foot of your bed, or by the sofa.

velvet bed for frenchie

8. They are made with eco in mind : Hindquarters dog beds will last years and years, at the end of their life the inner dog bed can be recycled and the covers are cotton so can be added to the compost heap or fabrics recycling bin. If you fancy going a step further with being a zero impact dog owner then perhaps you should consider Hindquarters Stuff It Yourself dog beds.

stuffing a dog bed with old jumpers

9. They are shareable dog beds : our generous sizing an cosy covers made from natural fabrics means you can happily curl up with your dog and have a snooze together.

10. Your dog will love you forever more.