Ray a Schnoodle puppy

Ray a Schnoodle puppy

Ray - a Schnoodle puppy - relaxing in her new Stuff It Yourself dog bed made from thick grey cosy cotton corduroy.

We all know that dogs see the world via their noses. So our Stuff It Yourself dog beds have been designed so that you can stuff them with all your old clothes and bedding. This way your pup will be laying on a bed that smells of their favourite person in the whole world.

We provide the dog bed skins. You stuff the dog bed with your old bedding and jumpers. They snooze the day away on probably the comfiest dog bed ever.

Ms F : This is Ray in her new bed, she was in it before we even finished stuffing it and is now fast asleep with her things around her. We've deliberately not over stuffed as she's only 10 weeks and will build up over the next few months. One happy puppy.

Photos of Ray in her bed:

dog bed for a puppy

stuff your own dog bed

comfy bed for puppy

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