Green golden lily bed

green golden lily dog bed
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Green golden lily bed

A comfy dog bed for your dog to relax and settle down. With a removable washable cover made from reclaimed vintage fabric in a William Morris design, Golden Lily. Lounge on it, snooze on it, dream on it.

Product Details

NB available only in medium size

Removable dog bed cover:

•the dog bed cover is made from reclaimed vintage fabric, a thick heavy weight cotton fabric with Golden Lily design by William Morris

•machine wash at 30 when mucky

•handmade in the UK

Inner dog bed:

•inner dog bed comprises a central cushion with bolster. Both covered in a technical sportswear fabric, a soft but tough material that's both breathable and waterproof

•oval shaped dog bed supports a dog's various sleeping positions, allowing them to curl up cosily or stretch out fully supported

•low bolster acts as comfy head and neck rest, supports the spine when necessary, and helps exclude any floor draughts

•stuffed with polyester fibres that don't trap moisture or bacteria, helping to keep things healthy, fresh and odour free

•these fibres have unmatched cushioning and insulation properties, and a high crimp level so maintain their bounce for longer

•the inner dog bed is easy to brush, hoover or wipe clean, and in the case of accidents can be machine washed at 30

Shipping & Customs

•UK: VAT and P&P included, 3/5 days delivery
•International: Shipping added, 5/7 days delivery

Sizing Guide

This dog bed is only available in medium size. Medium is 110x77cm (77x47cm central cushion) and a good dog bed for Labs or similar size