Blue Tie Dye Dog Collar

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Blue Tie Dye Dog Collar

Spread the love with a tie dye collar.

Each dog collar is handcrafted in vibrant and unique tie dye pattern with a pastel blue and yellow vibe.

A robust but comfy dog collar made from a cotton weave that is strong yet soft-to-the-touch. Adjustable, for the perfect fit.

We use marine grade steel : strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant, so even good for beach trips. Each collar comes with an ID tag, engraved on request.

Machine wash when muddy.

UK orders : VAT and P&P included.

Product Details

•handcrafted tie dye dog collar that combines looks and practicality

•made from a thick cotton weave with strengthened core : strong but soft-to-the-touch with flex and give, for maximum comfort and durability

•in a vibrant and unique pastel blue and yellow tie dye pattern

•machine wash at 40º when muddy

•with marine grade stainless steel metalwork: strong, lightweight, corrosion-proof and suitable for beach trips

•everything treble stitched to make a robust dog collar

•with a safe and easy slot-and-lock buckle fastening

•an adjustable dog collar for an exact and comfy fit

•dog tag included: please let us know if you would like details hand engraved

•handmade in the UK

•UK VAT and P&P included

Shipping & Customs

UK orders: VAT and P&P included. Non-UK orders: shipping calculated at checkout. Non-EU international orders: 20% VAT deducted.

Sizing Guide

XS : 25-35cm and 2.5cm wide
SMALL : 30-45cm and 2.5cm wide
MEDIUM : 40-55cm and 2.5cm wide
LARGE : 45-65cm and 2.5cm wide : please note the slim width of these collars, they are not suitable for large dogs who pull on the lead