Biscuit Beige Harness

biscuit biege harness
biscuit biege harness biege harness for a dog

Biscuit Beige Harness

A comfy harness designed to support your dog in all the right places.

Made from a strong cotton weave that's soft with flex and give - and fully adjustable - for a perfect fit and maximum comfort. With marine grade steel metalwork.

Suitable for a wide range of dogs including most Terriers including Jack Russells, Corgis, Boxers, Sighthounds and Labradors.

UK VAT and P&P included.

Product Details

•made from a thick cotton weave with a strengthened core: soft but strong, durable and washable

•a fully adjustable harness for a perfect fit

•a natural biscuit beige colour

•the cotton weave is flexible and has 'give' so helps your dog move freely and comfortably

•marine-grade stainless steel metalwork: lightweight, strong and corrosion proof

•over-the-head harness, fastens at the girth

•just machine wash at 40 when mucky

•handmade in the UK

Shipping & Customs

•UK: VAT and P&P included, 5/7 days delivery
•International: Shipping added, 7/10 days delivery

Sizing Guide

•SIZE M: 2.5cm wide webbing that fits a girth 40cm-65cm (16-25 inches) and lower neck between 30-45cm (10-18 inches) a good harness for a Corgi or Spaniel
•SIZE L: 2.5cm wide webbing that fits a girth between 65-90cm (25-35 inches) and lower neck between 40-60cm (16-13 inches) a good harness for a Lab or large chested dog