Why My Dogs Are My Valentines

We share our home with multiple pups and each day is full of love and plenty of licks.

Valentine's Day is an opportunity to feel the love, but also reflect on why we love our dogs.

Here are our top 15 reasons:

You're always relaxed around me:

dog on a bench

2. You like to hold hands:

dog welcome

3. You're loyal even when others flirt with you:

dog kiss

4. You're OK if we sleep on other people:

dog asleep on another dog

5. You don't mind chilling in bed all afternoon:

dog on denim dog bed

6. You know exactly when a cuddle is required:

dogs cuddling

7. You're always keen to taste my cooking:

dogs in kitchen

8. You're a good listener:

dogs cuddling

9. You run to me when I need you:

puppy running

10. You kiss me even if others are watching:

dog with tongue out

11. You've taught me to appreciate the simple things in life:

dog relaxing in sunshine

12. You make me feel safe:

boxer dogs

13. You don't mind us getting dirty:

muddy dog

14. You let me know if you need some space:

dog on grey dog bed

15. You have the waggiest hindquarters:

dog in chair