Hindquarters leather dog collars are hand crafted in the UK with good old fashioned attention to detail. First we pick thick and even supple leather hides that don't stiffen or crack, the type of leather that doesn't require doubling up or additional padding. This grade of leather is best worn direct against a dog's coat because the natural oils from your dog's coat will help keep the leather conditioned and strong, supple and comfy.

The dog collars are then cut to size, sealed and the metalwork is fixed into place, either by rivets or stitching. The metalwork we use is cast from marine grade stainless steel.

The result is a classic sturdy dog collar suitable for daily wear throughout the year. Good quality leather takes the knocks well and withstands the elements. If your dog likes to swim or you get caught in a downpour just let the dog collar dry flat at room temperature, and condition if necessary.

We took a quick look around the workshop where Hindquarters leather dog collars are made and below is an insiders guide to making a proper leather dog collar in 10 easy steps:

1 - choose thick and strong leather hides:

leather hides for dog collars

2 - cut the leather dog collars:

cutting a leather dog collar

3 - smooth off the edges with this machine:

sealing machine for leather dog collars

4 - sort the metalwork:

dog collar metalwork

5 - rivet everything in place:

fixing rivets on a leather dog collar

6 - dog collar ready to wear:

small leather dog collar

7 - sweep up:

sweep up

8 - get out and about:

small dog wearing a small leather dog collar

Hindquarters leather dog collars come in four neck sizes with varying collar widths to fit both small dogs and big dogs. Hindquarters leather dog collars are currently available in black, brown and tan. We also have red leather dog collars and green leather dog collars.