Green is the popular choice when it comes to a dog collar and lead. Perhaps because it is so versatile: not only does it looks great with all kinds of fur colour, a green dog collar works as both a country classic and a smart urban option.

Practical too with its natural camoflague ability to hide the odd mud splat.

Below, Alfie demonstrates the green dog collar and lead - a country classic with natural camoflague abilities:

green dog collar and lead set

Our classic fabric dog collars are suitable for every day use and work for all sorts.

Sturdy and durable - but with flex and 'give' - so suitable for strong or active dogs. Below, Tim wearing a green dog collar alongside a red dog lead showing the strength of construction and materials but also the softness and 'give':

red dog lead

Soft-to-the-touch and lightweight so comfortable to wear all day even for smaller and senior dogs.

Adjustable, for a perfect and secure fit. Below, Scout in his green dog collar with matching lead:

green dog collar

We make green leather dog collars too: smart and stylish, they are comfy and long-lasting too. Made from 3mm bridle leather and a specially designed buckle and D ring made from high-strength stainless steel which won't rust. The metalwork is rivetted in place.

Natural oils from your dog's coat will keep the leather supple and conditioned, for you both to enjoy for years to come.

Here, Gus wears a large green leather dog collar:

green leather dog collar

Most Hindquarters dog collars have a dog lead to match, although some like to mix match.

Bella, a Frenchie, wearing her matching green collar and lead:

green dog lead for a frenchie

Gus, a black Lab, wearing his vivid green dog collar and lead:

dog lead for a black lab

Murphy wearing his green dog collar and lead:

green collar and lead

The metalwork on Hindquarters dog collars and leads is made from marine grade stainless steel, which means it is strong and durable but lightweight plus it is corrosion resistant and so they are suitable dog collars and leads for pups who like to visit the beach:

green dog collar and lead

The dog collar fastens with a simple but secure slot-and-lock mechanism. Plus everything is washable:

washable dog collar