Here Gus - a gorgeous black Lab - models various colours of Hindquarters slot-and-lock adjustable dog collars. They are made from pure cotton webbing - both strong and soft-to-the-touch - and stainless steel metalwork.

Gus lives in the countryside, is bouncy and active and LOVES water. He mostly wears the green cotton collar.

He lives pretty close to the sea where he swims almost every week - so the marine grade steel metalwork comes in handy, because it doesn't rust. The cotton webbing is durable too and easy to look after. Mrs C: 'I've washed it loads of times.' 

Power to the purple - Gus wears a purple dog collar and lead:

purple dog collar for lab

All in green - Gus wearing his green dog collar and lead:


green dog collar for labrador

Gus in a classic black collar with steel metalwork:

black dog collar for labrador

Red dog collar for a Labrador:

red dog collar for labrador

Blue boy - Gus in a blue dog collar and lead:

blue collar for lab