four and sons Hindquarters articleWe were very pleased that Hindquarters adjustable dog collars were reviewed in issue 4 of Four&Sons. Here below is the text of the article:

In the humans world, jeans and a black t-shirt suit a casual Friday, beers at the bar, or a spot of gardening. The equivalent in canine fashion is the simple black collar. While some dogs prefer to bling out in the dog park dust bowl, London-based Hindquarters have come up with an alternative design that fits any occasion, from puddle jumping to bum sniffing (or fetch playing). Though the collar look is classic, the collar design is ingenious - fastening up like an old parachute or airplane seatbelt. The owners tried to explain it to us, and we would try to explain it to you, but it's as confusing as those old flight attendant explanations, which obscured the fact that it's really very simple, yet sturdy and reliable. Like this collar.

Plus, a few pages earlier in the magazine, there is a city guide to London with Hindquarters on the map:

Hindquarters: Head here for practical, sturdy, utilitarian-style dog collars and leads, as well as luxy dog beds. Everything is handcrafted and inspired by the owners' five dogs, four of which are boxers, so they know a thing or two about durability.