For certain occasions, some days, only black will do. Endlessly timeless, chic and effortless, no wonder it's an option we reach for and keep coming back to. Plus it is a colour that looks great on dogs: a cool and understated vibe, an all black dog collar and lead ensemble is always a winner. And goes with everything.

Hindquarters black dog collars and leads suit all types of dogs. Adjustable, for an exact and comfy fit, they are made from cotton, a soft natural fabric with 'give'. It is also strong, reliable, durable and machine washable. The sleek steel metalwork is treble stitched into place. We use marine grade steel: lightweight, strong and corrosion proof so good for those who like to visit the beach.

Back to black: black cotton dog collar on a black Lab:

black cotton dog collar for a lab

Black cotton dog lead teamed with a red leather collar:

black cotton dog lead

Chic and effortless: a black collar and lead ensemble on Bella, a Frenchie:

black collar and lead for a frenchie

Chic and effortless: black dog lead with clever clip made from marine grade steel:

black dog lead for dachshund

An adjustable dog collar for a perfect fit:

adjustable black dog collar

Black dog collar and lead ensemble:

black dog collar and lead for terrier

Black cotton collar and lead with steel metalwork:

black collar and lead with steel metalwork

A cool and understated vibe with a black cotton dog lead:

black cotton dog lead for boxer

Man's best friend:

black dog lead